Applying for a role

We try to make the process as easy as possible. Once you have filled in an application, our team will
review your information and be in touch as soon as possible.

If you’ve got the skills and experience we’re looking for, we’ll set up an interview, keeping you up to
date at each stage. For tips on how to make yourself stand out, keep reading.

The first step, applying...

Complete an online application through our website and attach your CV. This is your first chance to show us your potential. Let us know what you can bring to MHR, show us a bit of personality and let your skills and experience shine. You don’t necessarily need experience in a HR environment to succeed - unless applying for a HR role of course.

Top CV writing tips

1. Keep it simple. We’re looking to find out all about you - a clear font and layout are the key to making your CV easy for us to read and digest.

2. Focus on what counts. Keep it to no more than two pages and highlight the specific experience and skills needed for the role you are applying for. We’re really keen to hear about your successes, achievements and examples of projects you’ve worked on. If you’re heading in a different direction, highlight why your skills are transferable too.

3. A CV should demonstrate your potential. Show us how you would work on projects, and how your experience and skills will help you succeed. Using positive language, and avoiding clichés and jargon can help to get this across.

4. Showcase your personality. Remember we’re looking to recruit a real person, so personality and cultural fit are just as important as skills and experience. Show us by adding a brief personal statement about what you
like to do in your spare time, or if you’re applying for a more creative role, you could link out to some examples of your interests.

5. Check and check again. It's common advice, but CVs full of spelling mistakes and typos really is off putting. 

Next stage, the interviews...

If we think you’ve got the right skills and experience to potentially join us, we’ll invite you to an interview. This gives us and you the chance to decide if we’re a good match. You’ll be able to demonstrate your skills and experience, as well as ask questions and get to know us too.

For most roles, this will be
a two-step process. The first will determine who you are, what we do, and how your skills and experience could be suited to the role. The second is usually more technical, looking into your competencies and may involve a small assessment.

Top interview tips

1. Know what we’re about. Research MHR and the job you’re applying for. Doing this means you can showcase the specific experience you can bring to the role and identify any questions you may have.

2. Give meaningful answers. Don’t worry about coming up with an answer for every generic interview question.
We’re more interested in meaningful answers about how your experience and skills relate to the role. Don’t be
afraid to ask for clarification if you don’t understand the question or need time to think of an answer. We
promise not to ask you bizarre questions like what your spirit animal would be…

3. Show and tell. Specific examples of real-life work you’ve delivered are the best way to really sell yourself. Bring along examples or mention specific projects to showcase your individual approach and work style.

4. Be bold, be brave. If you see something you think could be improved in our brand, products or services, don’t be afraid to tell us and make suggestions for how it could be better. It will show us you’ve done plenty of research and are full of creative ideas.

5. Know where you’re going. We have offices in a few different locations and your interview could be in any of
them. We’ll let you know the address for your interview in advance, where to report to and any other significant
details. Arrive in plenty of time to compose yourself to make that all important first impression.

6. Dress to impress. With a professional dress code, we appreciate a sharp look. Plus, power dressing can often be a much-needed confidence boost.

7. We don’t bite. Come prepared to ask questions, find out what you need to know to help with your decision on
whether to join us. Other than that, we don’t bite and we’ll try and keep things casual to calm your nerves and give you the best chance to show us who you are.

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