Choosing a new role can be daunting; you’re stepping into the unknown and the people you work with
can quickly affect your experience. At MHR, we encourage a team approach and plenty of collaboration
as we understand that different personalities can help to build more creative ideas.

There are multiple different roles within MHR, but which team is best for you? Check out our
team pages to get an idea of what each job involves.


Do you know your servers from your second line support?

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Look after the pennies and pounds look after themselves - only with added spreadsheets

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Let's work together on code so clean, you could eat your dinner from it 

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Professional Services

Be the start of some amazing changes that transform what our customers believe possible

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HR and Training

We are nothing without our people and can't thrive without the right support and development 

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Managed Services

Do you like it when things are done just right? Take the reins and help our customers excel.

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Product & Marketing

When you remember form follows function, we can deliver something amazing

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Sales & Pre-sales

Do you have the right stuff to make our products stand out from our competitors?

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Legal & Cybersecurity

Fancy making a difference to the safety of MHR and ensuring the quality of customer relationships?

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Graduate programme 

Got a 2:1 degree (or better) and the attitude for continuous learning and development? Our programme will give you the experience you need to find a great career

Graduate opportunities

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