Engineering Team

Engineering has never looked quite like this…

At MHR, we are both a software company and a tech company, so we need great minds in our engineering department to keep our products evolving through new and exciting processes. 

Our customers entrust us to keep their data safe and secure, so staying one step ahead of threats to our servers is crucial for our security engineers and analysts.

When you join our engineering team, you're encouraged to find new solutions and features to keep our software evolving and help our customers to embrace the latest technology advancements. Agile methodology and the freedom of ideas helps to develop our leading products and security infrastructure, embed AI and improve automation.

Collaborating within the department, over 150 engineers work across multiple disciplines and languages to ensure we have the most forward-thinking architecture, produce the best quality code, test to the highest standard and seamlessly and securely deliver it to our customers.

Our engineers are supported with self-development from day one. Your degree may not be specific to software, but through training opportunities, mentoring and conferences, such as Angular Connect or muCon, you can follow in the footsteps of our Delivery Lead, Aaron.

He began his journey as an Electrical Engineering graduate and over five years, progressed through roles as a Junior and Senior Engineer to Software Delivery Lead. When you're ready to upskill, we're happy to support you through relevant Microsoft or Oracle certifications to advance your career.

What you would experience 

  • As a JAVA engineer, design, develop and maintain scalable APIs using Java EE, Hibernate, JPA, RESTFul APIs,  and Domain Driven Design architecture. Solve problems and work towards DevOps to manage the project life cycle. 
  • As a .NET engineer, work on challenging problems using an up to date tech stack. Working in a microservices environment you'll collaborate with UI developers, Java developers and testers to create well-designed products.
  • As a tester, provide both manual and automation testing to help maintain a high quality product. Support the team with quality assistance throughout the development cycle. 
  • As a web developer, work as a team to design and develop a high quality user interface for our customers. You will be helping to maintain our component library to support the delivery of new features within our Angular code base. 
  • As a security engineer, look at our existing systems and technology to check that there are no vulnerabilities and that build quality is above the standard required.  


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