Information Technology Team

IT never looked quite like this...

Having the right kit for each person is important,  allowing them to do what they do best. IT provide for and support our colleagues, but also our customer’s most valuable resource, their data.

The infrastructure team owns all of the IT project work, ensuring continuity and progress for all of our key operations. You’ll manage servers, network and storage for all the higher end support functions.

IT support controls anything that you can see; the hardware, phones and everything in between. You'll make sure everything runs smoothly so that our people can make the most of the diverse skills that exist in MHR.

The IT service team action all the project work, ensuring that whenever we are adding or taking away something from our infrastructure, there are no loose ends. Your technical knowledge will power our network, server and storage solutions, making plans into a reality and providing the service levels that our customers expect.

What you would experience

  • In IT support you are the front line, ensuring that the business has the kit it needs to deliver the products and services that will wow customers.
  • All members of the team can expect to expand and develop their technical knowledge through our investment in training and support from experienced colleagues, every step of the way.
  • In the IT service team, you will maintain and develop the service level our customers enjoy, ensuring they can access what they need when they need it.

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