Legal & Cybersecurity Team

Legal and cybersecurity never looked quite like this...

Whether it’s preparing the content of an agreement that sets the tone for a great relationship between us and our customers or staying one step ahead of threats to our servers and data; our cybersecurity and legal teams have it covered.

Our top priority is the security and safety of the data that our customers entrust us with. This team ensures all internet connected systems including software, hardware and data are protected. They also monitor and control the physical security for all colleagues ensuring that the data our employees hold is just as secure.

The legal team protect our customers and MHR, setting out agreements that mean we have a great platform on which to start working together.

What you would experience

  • As a security engineer, look at our existing systems and technology to check that there are no vulnerabilities and that the build quality is above the standard required.  
  • Security analysts provide all the support and guidance needed by the engineers and the rest of the business. They focus on the prevention of problems as well as helping find solutions.
  • As a data protection officer, you will provide support, advice and guidance to the whole business and have a good understanding of key principles such as SOC2 and GDPR.
  • The contracts manager will look after all the aspects of any agreement between either our prospects or new agreements with our existing customers.

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