Managed Services Team

Managed services never looked quite like this...

Our customers all have specific aspirations and in managed services, you’ll provide the expertise they don’t have, so they can get on and deliver what they do best. Whether in pensions, business transition, service management or payroll your expertise will ensure our customers can grow.

The solutions team monitor that crucial period between a customer signing a contract, and getting into 'business as usual' with our services. They uphold the service and quality standards that customers will enjoy throughout their relationship with us.

The payroll team make sure that all of our customer's employees are paid on time and correct - every time. They ensure each deadline is hit and that any data requirements are delivered with the same diligence.

What you would experience

  • The transitions team ensure each customer has a great experience from day one and that new processes become 'business as usual' in no time at all.
  • In the service management team, you will ensure that world-class customer service is the norm across the whole of managed services.
  • The pensions team look after all pension administration tasks associated with the managed service customers. This includes pension forms, monthly pension returns and annual pension returns.
  • The payroll team are responsible for processing payrolls in line with strict deadlines and at 100% accuracy whilst providing world class customer service.
  • In the solutions team, you'll support continuous improvements for everyone in managed services on top of vital technical support.

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