Product Design and Marketing Team

Product and marketing never looked quite like this... 

Design the latest products and services, execute outstanding marketing campaigns and drive impactful advertising. It’s all about embracing your creativity.

To develop leading software solutions, MHR focuses on changes in the HR market, different industry challenges, and emerging needs for products or services. 

As part of the product team, research technology breakthroughs such as automation and AI create new solutions for our customers and forge greater ways of working. We listen to our customers, analyse the HR landscape and find the right products and services to lead organisational change for the future. 

"I've got the freedom to work where I'm going to be the most productive"

Hear what Oletta, a content writer, has to say about the marketing team at MHR.

After developing all these best in class products and services, the marketing team steps in to showcase how our products and services can solve our customers’ problems. Creative campaigns and events, thought-provoking content and eye-catching designs enable the team to engage both current and future customers to drive the adoption of new techniques for employee engagement, company culture, and automated payroll. All this is supported by best practise SEO and data analysis to ensure the biggest impact. 

What you would experience

  • As a product engineer, dive into the current product portfolio to highlight ways to enhance our products and services, to keep us evolving with our customer’s expectations and beyond.
  • As a graphic or web designer, craft compelling adverts, attention-grabbing email templates, and eye-catching graphics to showcase our brand’s technical expertise.
  • As a marketing specialist, create award-winning campaigns, collaborating with departments across the company to make detailed plans about the best way to showcase our brand, covering everything from GIFS and infographics, to quizzes and more
  • As a data analyst, drill down into the depths of our people data to gain a whole new level of customer understanding and help make every business decision the right decision.
  • As a business analyst, imagine new ways of thinking about HR and payroll to create a “future of work” mindset, based on groundbreaking new technology to change the world of work as we know it.


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