Chief Executive Pay Ratio Report

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The deadline to complete your Chief Executive Pay Ratio Report is fast approaching. It’s complicated, it’s time-consuming and if your results aren’t right then you’re making it harder for yourself year-on-year.

Remove the stress and let MHR do it for you. Our expert consultants can give you more accurate results in less time, letting you focus on your business.


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With three methodologies available to produce this report, the collating, ranking of your data and calculation of your figures would take approximately two weeks of your resource, on top of your daily business activities.

CEO pay is often very different to the average employee, with some CEOs having shares in a company and different bonus structures.

The difficulty may lie in a share value where there has been an increase over the year or where there may be a long-term incentive over the year, and this could skew your ratio – how will you decide which methodology will present your ratio best?

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Why is it better to outsource?

  • Cut the risk of errors – Expert consultants will make sure the right data is used and make rapid calculations
  • Get the right methodology –We understand which method will work best and give you the most accurate results
  • Save time and money - Save two weeks of valuable time resources for critical business tasks
  • Strategic goals - Have the ability to create fairer and more transparent pay
  • Future proof your business - Reduce risk within your business and expose any excessive CEO pay

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You can also combine this with other pay reporting services, such as our gender pay report packs.


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