Payroll Advice and Guidance Webinar Series

Watch our Payroll Advice Webinar on reducing your costs and risks through Bureau

As a result of the pandemic, many organisations have come to face the stark reality that their payroll processes are at a heightened risk, with increasing costs and higher employee disengagement. 


Join our webinar as our payroll expert Chris shares his experience helping organisations overcome their payroll challenges, discussing common assumptions about payroll processes and how our Payroll Bureau Services can help.

Key Details

Date: 10th September


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Watch our webinar as our Payroll expert discusses:

  • Payroll challenges you might be facing and how to overcome them
  • Common assumptions about running payroll in-house vs outsourcing
  • Heightened risks to payroll in 2020
  • Predicting the costs of running payroll
  • Working with Payroll Bureau Services
  • The ease of change

We hope you can make it!

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