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What are MHR Assist Services?

We recognise that all organisations will experience times when they need an extra pair of hands, whether its to configure new requirements, cover long-term absence or solve immediate technological fixes. That’s why we’ve created our series of Assist Services covering our core products – iTrent, People First and Analytics.

These services give you fast access to a team of experts, who are ready to help you solve all your queries with rapid response advice and guidance, along with quick resolutions when you need it.

Our Assist packages are designed with flexibility in mind, starting from six hours per year. This means that whatever you need, we have you covered. If you use all your hours, no problem, you can just add more.


iTrent Assist Service

iTrent Assist is designed to ensure you’re always getting the most value of your platform, while mitigating risk and ensuring business continuity.

Our teams can provide support in as little as 15-minute bursts to save you from struggling to find the answers you need.

With iTrent Assist, our consultants can direct you to the right place and help you to complete tasks as quickly as possible, allowing you to focus on your core business needs.

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Our iTrent Assist service includes:

  • Remote technology fixes
  • Ad-hoc system administration support
  • Remote configuration across a range of workflows
  • Security set-up
  • Payroll processing and costing support
  • Advice on new releases and upgrades
  • Issues with processing information

People First Assist Service

People First Assist has been designed to give your business peace of mind and rapid support to help get the most out of the platform.

Available on demand, the service gives you access to our team of experts when you need it, so you can focus on what is important.

The People First Assist team can help you realise the benefits of new features and carry out remote configuration upon request.

Download People First Assist Brochure

The People First Assist service includes:

  • General questions relating to People First
  • Advice on new release content
  • General system administration configuration
  • Advice and guidance
  • System administration
  • Absence scheme configuration

MHR Analytics Assist Service

The MHR Analytics Assist Service offers a responsive and expert service from ongoing maintenance for a critical line of business report, through to administration or end-to-end solution support.

The service can be used as an extension of your team, offering a highly responsive and tailored service from our dedicated team of experts.

With Analytics Assist, you can protect your investment, reputation and business.

Download MHR Analytics Assist Brochure

The MHR Analytics Assist service includes:

  • Problem resolution e.g. faults caused by knock-on effects of non-supported systems, user misunderstanding and data quality issues
  • Enhancements or minor development work which is estimated to take three days or less
  • New requests for support activity reporting

A service you can trust

MHR has over 35 years’ experience in helping businesses of all sizes across HR, payroll and analytics. Our team of consultants have a wealth of expertise and qualifications including being HMRC recognised, BACS approved, CIPP accreditations, ISO 27001 and ISO 9001, SOC 2 and Cyber Essentials certifications and CiSP membership.

“We signed up to the iTrent Assist service soon after going live. We felt that it was going to be really helpful for us to have the safety net of having an expert on hand to ask all of the system admin, configuration queries that a newcomer has.

We’ve used iTrent Assist for just over a year now and I would say that me and my colleagues are in touch with them every week about something. The beauty of it is, a five minute query to iTrent Assist might save me half an hour of looking for things, looking in a guide, which has been really helpful.”

- Ruth Hind, Everybody Sport and Recreation

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