iTrent HR Optimisation Webinar

Making the most of your iTrent HR

Watch our HR Optimisation Webinar and find out how to get the most value from iTrent

iTrent is a comprehensive platform with new functionality frequently added to give our customers the best value.

But there may be features you are not making the most of, or simply aren’t aware of which could provide significant cost efficiencies.

Without them, you may be using more resources and spending more than you need to process your HR and payroll, whether that’s doing more manual calculations than you need to or having to manipulate your information retrospectively.

Join our Optimisation webinar series as our experts run through iTrent's HR, payroll, recruitment and talent modules, to explain and highlight key areas where you could get more value out of iTrent through automation, additional workflows and lesser known functionality.


Key Details

Date: 6th October

Time: 14:00


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Join our webinar about HR Optimisation on 6th October at 14:00 as our expert consultants share their wealth of iTrent knowledge to help you remove manual processes:

  • Common pitfalls and challenges HR teams face
  • Demonstrating effective ways to automate and improve existing iTrent processes
  • New functionality that could solve your common issues
  • A guide to our Optimisation Services to help you reduce admin and find cost efficiencies

We hope you can make it!