People in Law: HR Legal Webinar

Do you work in HR in the legal profession?

MHR has teamed up with People in Law to offer you a free webinar hosted by futurist Katherine Templar-Lewis.

As Yuval Noah Harari, professor in the Department of History, points out pandemics push the fast-forward button on history. We see the acceleration and sudden embracing of new technology. Mindsets and changes in institutions and legislation that were previously dismissed, resisted or opposed are welcomed in. Perhaps most obvious is the dramatic way we have changed where, and how we work. There have been challenges, but there have been silver linings. We are adapting as humans so wonderfully. This situation is temporary and when it is over there will be a natural pull to try to return to a certain level of normality. We are currently trying to fully understand what this is.

Key Details of Webinar

Date: Tuesday 5th May 





  • Welcome - Rob Hind, People in Law
  • Introduction - John Kelly, MHR
  • Towards a new normal - Katherine Templar-Lewis
  • Your time to ask a question

What can we learn from this time and take forward with us to create a truly progressive 'new normal'?


We hope you can join us!


Case Study: Hugh James' Story 

Discover how MHR's HR Platform helps top 100 law firm Hugh James improve their efficiency.

“What I love about iTrent is that it’s continually developing. It offers new functionality which we can use to develop the system further…As we develop and want to offer a better service to our employees, iTrent allows us to do that.”

Rachel Rimmer, HR Manager, Hugh James