WrocSharp 2018



2018 marks its fourth year that the WrocSharp event returns! The conference is a unique occasion for industry specialists to come together, including .NET enthusiasts and anyone eager to get up close and personal with the industry experts. The conference aims to bring bright minds together and give inspiring talks about issues .NET web developers care about the most. 


Last year’s conference attracted over 450 participants from around the world. The conference will consist of six 60 minute talks by industry experts, including MHR’s Zan Kavtaskin, on various aspects of programmes plus a discussion panel. Zan has specifically been selected by the WROC# organisers to present on the day due to his knowledge and expertise he has gained whilst working with Cloud technologies. Zan’s talk will be revolved around how users can develop multi-tenant SaaS business applications on Azure.

Zan’s comments as to the relevancy of this subject, “When companies look to migrate or build new products within the cloud, it can be a daunting process with so many cloud services to choose from and so many ways to design your cloud application. However, in reality this is not the case. As companies, we are all building out different apps but the foundations are largely the same. This means there are only a handful of key design decisions that you will need to make and you only need to use a few core cloud services to meet the most core cloud services to meet most of your requirements.”

At MHR, we are developing the next generation of cloud based software, such as the people first product and over time have accumulated a great deal of practical experience which Zan wishes to share at the conference. The day is an opportunity for all attendees to validate their own designs and gain an alternative perspective.


Wroclaw Stadium

aleja Śląska 1

54-118 Wrocław





If you would like more information regarding this event please contact events@mhr.co.uk.