Business Continuity

When unforeseen events strike, they can affect every level of your organisation. How are you supposed to continue any level of ‘business as usual’ when it’s anything but normal in the workplace?

Your organisation needs to be able to supports its people, and its continuation. But, with widescale disruption rare, it’s easy to deprioritise continuity planning. After all, how can you allocate resources to a plan that might never be needed with so many other critical priorities?

MHR can support you in planning for every eventuality, so that your business can maintain and adapt its operations during a crisis.

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What do organisations need to consider?

Many organisations consider risk, but just how secure and comprehensive is your business continuity planning? Not only do you need to tackle any immediate effects, but you also need to consider how the world of work will evolve and change afterwards.

Identifying single points of failure that could affect business activity or cause service disruption is the first factor to consider. You need to ensure you can maintain service continuity, and your people are a crucial part of that. It’s important to provide support so that critical tasks can still be completed, that your people aren’t under too much pressure through lack of resource, so that key services don’t grind to a halt when people are missing.

To support your organisation, you need to:

  • Identify what skills you need to continue running your processes and services
  • Identify business critical systems your organisation relies on
  • Identify skills gaps that could become roadblocks
  • Identify long, manual and complicated processes
  • Identify your core functions and outsourcing requirements, such as managed payroll

When you’ve evaluated your potential failure points, you can upskill your teams, provide training, or find alternative ways for your people to carry out tasks away from the office through remote working.

business continuity planning
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Extending your existing team to mitigate your risks

HR and payroll are business critical in any kind of disruption. You need to support your employees who are a key channel for communicating updates to your workforce. But what if your HR and payroll teams are affected?

With so many potential risks identified, the next step is to find ways to overcome them so you can make the most of the resources you have. You need to find solutions that can help to simplify or speed up anything that could become a problem, such as HR teams becoming overwhelmed with questions which slows down their ability to be proactive.

At the same time, you’re relied upon to provide advice and guidance but if your team are affected or aren’t sure how best to proceed in such a challenging time, you might need some additional support.

And when everyone is remote working, how do you keep in touch with people, and provide an accurate picture of what is happening that you can report back to the organisation.

Automation is going to be critical to try and complete as much as possible, using as little resource as possible.

How can MHR help to keep your business running during Coronavirus and beyond?

With a partner you can rely on, your organisation doesn’t need to face the stress of stretched resources on its own and can be confident that there is always a back-up plan to support you when you need it.

We can provide a variety of services and solutions to support your organisation through the unpredictable, ensuring your business can continue its operations with minimal disruption.

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Business Continuity Planning

A flexible solution that can help organisations operate critical processes as close to ‘business as usual’ as possible. With our easy to use, specialist capture tool (Enable Now), you can record critical processes and produce branded documents or videos that can be held securely in one place, so that they can continue to run even when people are absent, or cannot access their usual place of work. This can help automate critical procedures in the event your organisation needs to adapt in a crisis, allowing employees to take on tasks they’ve never completed before, quickly and easily.

Business Assurance Brochure

Outsourced Payroll Support

Outsourcing providers are an easy way to ensure business continuity by extending the resources of your in-house team to avoid single points of failure.

Businesses must be able to pay their people, but when resources are limited or key employees are absent, the admin required is a stress you don’t need. Outsourcing your payroll to a specialist provider means that you’ll always have resources available to complete the process, so you don’t have to worry about how you’re going to pay your people.

Outsourced Payroll

Pension Data Service

Like payroll, you must be able to contribute to your organisation’s pension schemes. Whether it’s monthly or annual submission deadlines, you’ve got to be able to produce the information. In the event of a crisis, or even something as simple as a system failure, sorting out your pension data takes resources away for critical business activities. Outsourcing to a specialist provider frees up your in-house team whilst ensuring deadlines are met.

Pensions Data Service

Absence reporting

Being able to record and report on the different levels of absence is particularly important right now. You need to know who is unavailable, the levels of absence you’ve got, whether it is parents looking after children or personal sickness, and what gaps in your workforce this might create. Reporting on your absence is critical in identifying potential risks.

MHR is here to support you in maintaining your business continuity and mitigating any of your risks, to ensure your operations avoid disruption from sudden challenges and unforeseen events.

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People First Connect

Our cloud-based engagement software enables your business to enjoy a consistent message throughout the organisation. People First connect enables you to talk to your employees through one platform, and importantly listen to them. It enables your business to work better together, drive towards the same goals and stay in touch.

People First Connect

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