What is employee onboarding?

What is employee onboarding and why should you care?

From the initial recruitment to six months in, manage your employees’ development as they settle into your organisation’s culture. A bad experience is going to cost you.


What is employee onboarding?

Employee onboarding forms the first impression every candidate and future employee will develop of your organisation. If it’s a great experience, your people will start their new role motivated and committed. If it leaves something to be desired, your new hire may not last long, or even show up.

Onboarding covers everything from that first job advert posting, through to the interview and job offer, to their first day and the following six months. Each interaction between your organisation and the candidate will shape their opinion, and likelihood of sticking around. And this is important if you don’t want to waste thousands of pounds due to poor employee retention rates.

Bad onboarding experiences have led to an increase in the phenomenon known as ghosting. With the time, costs and resources involved in recruiting, can you really afford for your chosen candidate to be a ‘no-show’?

Did you know?

According to job site Monster, average retention rates for employees in the UK is approximately 15%. When costs can run up to £33,000 to recruit new employees, organisations of 100 people or more are spending over half a million on their annual recruitment costs.

How do you fix this? With an outstanding onboarding experience. According to Society for Human Resource Management, 69% of employees are more likely to stay with a company for three years if they experienced great onboarding.

A series of unfortunate onboarding events

These stories you are about to read will show, the world of
work can be a scary place, but everything could have gone
so much better with the right approach to onboarding.

Learn these lessons… or else you will be the sad victim
of an unfortunate onboarding event.

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iTrent does onboarding right

With iTrent, our Onboarding module ensures that the employee experience for your new recruits is seamless from start to finish. Our solution ensures a quick and easy streamlined experience from the posting of your first job advert to the interviews, and provides support to help your organisation impress on their first day, and first few months.

With iTrent, you can set up a personalised onboarding checklist to ensure every manager provides a consistent experience throughout the interviews, and make sure that everything is ready to welcome your new starters with a training plan in place.

With a dedicated onboarding portal, your new recruits can reduce central admin by inputting their own details. Then, they can start to meet their team and build relationships prior to their first day, removing some of those early awkward interactions and ensuring any doubts or questions can be answered straight away. You can even upload company videos so new starters can get a real ‘feel’ for what they’re going to experience, as well as stay up to date with your company news.

This immediate relationship building will keep your organisation and your new starter in frequent communication, addressing a frequent issue with candidates getting cold feet when they hear nothing for the month after accepting their offer. This will ensure your recruits are less likely to suddenly go quiet as well as reduce levels of ghosting by making all new starters feel immediately welcome and appreciated.

With the ability to make sure all compliance paperwork is correct in advance, your central team won’t have to waste their time and your new starters will be able to hit the ground running on day one. Without the usual admin tasks, they can get straight into the role and their team for better initial engagement.

Integrating onboarding software

iTrent’s Onboarding module is fully integrated with Recruitment to streamline the entire process without having to repeat the data entry. Embedded into Employee Self Service, it continues to devolve responsibilities to employees and line managers, for better transparency and efficiency. After all, line managers and employees will work together on a daily basis once they start, so why not during the onboarding and recruitment process too?

Make onboarding part of your HR strategy, with your iTrent HR system.

Our HR chatbot supports your employee onboarding process

Chatbot is your very own virtual assistant, designed to help simplify, automate and accelerate admin tasks and provide a personalised service for your employees, allowing your HR department to focus on the stuff that really matters.

HR Chatbot

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