Engaging a Remote Workforce

Tips and Advice for Keeping Remote Employees Connected and Motivated

Organisations have been thrown into a completely different way of working and with it the need to consider new strategies for managing the welfare and engagement of their people.

To help we have created a series of resources from our experts to help those adjusting to this new world of work.

Communications and having enough channels to reach your people is essential to connect them with your organisation.

This has become even more critical as we come to terms with this strange situation we find ourselves in.

Businesses are having to figure out quickly what approach they need to take to ensure lines of communication stay open. While people managers are having to find virtual ways to ensure the wellbeing of their teams.

With the situation likely to continue for the next few months at least, employers need to work hard to connect and engage their employees now and in the future.


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Where are we now?   Top Tips to Keep Remote Employees Engaged and Connected  |  Further Reading on Employee Engagement and Collaboration in a Remote World

Where are we now?

Until COVID-19 reared its ugly head, few organisations had fully embraced remote working. Many are now thrust headfirst into this practice without having had any time to prepare for it.

Aside from the obvious practicalities like ensuring employees have the correct IT equipment and access to the right systems, there is also the huge challenge of how we continue to feel part of our work community while we sit alone at our kitchen tables and home offices.

As the situation develops, people are feeling more and more anxious and it is essential that for those employers who can continue to operate their business, they find a way to keep their employees connected and engaged.

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Top Tips to Keep Remote Employees Engaged and Connected

1. Selecting the right technology

You may think that you need to adopt the latest tools on the market. However, with so much change it is important to use technologies your employees already feel confident using.

No matter the tool or app, the crucial element is that it should work across different devices as every employee will have a unique remote working set-up, so solutions need to be universal, easy to navigate and use and be adaptable.

2. Try to keep face-to-face contact

As humans we benefit hugely from seeing faces and having something akin to a human presence when we are working remotely, especially those living alone.

Video conferencing is a great way to do this. Video meetings enable you to see body language and facial expressions of the participants. This leads to a more effective and faster collaboration. It also enables employees to stay more focused and alert on a topic of conversation and decisions are made quicker, which increases productivity.

3. Focus on morale

Ensuring your team is happy and motivated is essential. Make a conscious effort to celebrate success widely and often, sharing achievements across the business for maximum awareness.

Regular catch ups with teams and individuals should take place, these shouldn’t solely be devoted to work topics, but social aspects to. Why not devote the first five minutes of calls and video meetings for a coffee and catch up – a great way to catch up and ensure that everyone is ok.

Free Webinar: Connect and Engage With Your Homeworkers

With the UK and Ireland on lockdown, many businesses have been forced to adopt remote working practices. While this may be part of everyday work life for some companies, for others it will be completely new.

How do you make your people feel connected to their colleagues and the business in these difficult times?

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