Remote Working

Remote Working: Tips and Advice for Working From Home

Many organisations have been forced to rethink their approach to remote working during the COVID-19 pandemic.

To help we've compiled advice and top tips from our experts to help manage employees working remotely.

For countless businesses, the transition to remote work was unexpected.

After all, our work culture and processes have evolved around the idea of having most employees in the same place at roughly the same time. But, as the world changes during the COVID-19 pandemic, many organisations have been forced to rethink their long-established work practices.

As remote working and virtual teams become the norm, employers must maintain a level of connectivity with their remote workforce to ensure continued productivity and engagement.


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What Does Work Look Like Today?  |  Top Tips for Businesses on Remote Working   Practical Remote Working Advice for your Employees

What does Work Look Like Today?

Over the last couple of weeks, the world of work as we know it has changed beyond recognition. What was once the realm of freelancers and forward-thinking companies, homeworking has now become the norm for many organisations.

Rapid changes to policies, ensuring the right equipment, setting up communications platforms and more have quickly become the focus of business leaders, HR and IT teams in a bid to support this new paradigm.

But this situation is more than just getting the right set up and tools and processes. It’s about how we as individuals adapt to this new way of working. Making sure that we have the right support networks in place and that people don’t feel isolated so that we can continue to thrive in this brave new world.

Remote Working Team

Top Tips for Businesses on Remote Working

Remote Worker on Phone

1. Keep your Workforce Connected

It's really important that we stay connected to our teams and colleagues on a regular basis. Video calls are a great way to do this using services like Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Meet Up. Focus on building that sense of community, trust and, where possible, fun, and the rest will follow.

There also some great social collaboration and engagement tools to unite remote workers and connect them on both a professional and personal level.

Remote Working Schedule

2. Set a Clear Schedule

With new rules and regulations being announced on an near-daily basis, it's important to keep a sense of normality for your employees during the work day.

Encourage them to stick to their working hours and normal routine where possible, take regular breaks from their desk and step away from the screen during their lunch hour.

Working from Home Child

3. Embrace the Chaos

From children to mischievous pets, your employee's work environment has gained more than a few disruptions and, more than likely, so have your conference calls.

Our advice to you is to be flexible and understanding during this time and accept that Barbie's clothes need changing, the barking dog needs letting out and the delivery man needs meeting at the door - to name a few we've experienced ourselves!

Practical Remote Working Tips for your Employees

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