How can AI transform your business?

For forward-thinking organisations, AI is the new normal.

Ask your device a question and instantly get the answer. Tell Alexa to complete a task - and she knows exactly what to do.

Underpinning it all is the rapid advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI).


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Automating the modern-day with bots

AI capabilities are now feeding into mainstream consumer technologies. It means that to stay ahead of the competition and to solve genuine business problems, organisations need to think about where and how AI might be usefully deployed.

One of the most simplest forms of AI that businesses are starting to leverage are bots. Bots are applications with the ability to engage in interactive conversation using text or natural voice, bots use AI-driven natural language processing and speech recognition to answer questions and solve problems. At their best, bots are able to replicate the performance of top-performing human service providers.

New Guide: How AI is transforming businesses

In our latest guide, you will learn about examples of how businesses are turning AI from simply, an over-used buzzword, into something that is now automating and improving everyday processes around their organisation.

Download our guide to read more about:

- AI made accessible for business use
- What is a bot and why would you use one?
- Examples of business bots in action
- How bots are transforming the HR department
- Use cases from the Department of Culture, Media and Sport and Salvation Army

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Talksuite: The Ultimate Bot Toolkit

MHR has partnered with Talksuite to bring you the ultimate bot building toolkit so that you can start leveraging AI capabilities within your business.

As no two organisations are the same, Talksuite helps you to design and deploy bots to tackle your own unique business needs. Think of it as a bot toolkit that provides a framework and foundation for creating bots that are advanced, easy to use, and scalable – bots that can transform internal processes, and the way your employees interact with workplace tech.

Employee experience:

  • Instant access to information
  • Round the clock support
  • Human-like interactions with technology
  • Automation of manual processes

Bots in the HR department:

  • FAQ bot for recruitment queries
  • Employee holiday and absence requests
  • FAQ bot for payroll and tax issues
  • Anonymous advice from HR

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