iTrent Digital Assistant: HR Chatbot

HR teams are wasting too much time on tasks that could be automated.
They want to lose the out-dated spreadsheets and paperwork, and so do employees.

Get your day back with a digital assistant for HR and Payroll. iTrent users are already a step ahead with an online approach to employee self-service. Now it’s time to go mobile with a personal HR chatbot for every employee. It answers your peoples’ questions, it recruits your new talent and it gets things done, no matter the time or place. It’s fast, simple, 24/7 HR for your people.

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Take back control of your time

The digital assistant organises everyone’s day so they can prioritise their workload more effectively. It briefs them on their tasks and keeps track of their time and attendance. With the admin gone, people can book holiday or time off in lieu just at the click of a button. iTrent’s HR chatbot puts you in control of your work-life balance.


Get important things done faster

Time is money for your business and your people. This is especially true when it comes to submitting expenses. Now people can simply snap and send pictures of their receipts using the digital assistant to get their money back faster. There’ll be no more excuses for putting off the admin when it’s this easy to get things done.


A single point of contact for employee self-service

People often don’t know who to ask or where to find information about their HR and payroll queries. iTrent’s digital assistant solves this problem by giving them one single point of contact that’s always available. There’s no confusion over where things are stored, no need to be in the office and no struggle to get hold of a particular person.


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iTrent HR chatbot customer story:

"The digital assistant gives HR more time to give value-added services to our business." - Stonewater Housing Association

iTrent Digital Assistant HR Chatbot

How your digital assistant

connects with iTrent

The digital assistant is part of iTrent’s HR and payroll management software. It connects people to their personal data directly and securely. When they update their details on the digital assistant, iTrent updates too - there is no separate system.

Our HR chatbot can be installed across your organisation swiftly, and it’s so easy to use that minimal training is needed. It’s the same instant-messaging technology that people are already totally familiar with.

Recruit the brightest talent with your digital assistant

iTrent’s digital assistant is the perfect matchmaker for job seekers and HR teams. Let it take care of the small talk so there’s more time to spend on getting to know higher-quality candidates.

Job seekers can:

  • Find their ideal role match by skills and location
  • Ask questions about company culture, including perks and working hours
  • Apply for roles via prompt and see the selection process

HR get daily alerts on new applications that have been received, so no one misses an opportunity.

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4 reasons why you want iTrent’s HR Chatbot on your team

  • iTrent’s digital assistant uses the best of instant messaging technology with an easy-to-use interface. It’s informed by our expertise in HR and payroll, with a focus on engaging the end-user.
  • That’s why you can trust it to deliver an accurate and personalised service with a friendly touch.
  • With the power of automation on their side, HR and payroll teams get more face-to-face time with the people who need help with more complicated and strategic issues.
  • Your people will always experience HR in a way that’s unique to their individual needs, whether face-to-face or automated.
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