People First Digital Assistant: HR Chatbot

Liberate your HR department from the admin of employee requests

People First gives you access to your very own personal digital assistant.

Get your day back with a dedicated chatbot to answers peoples’ questions, recruit your new talent and get things done quickly with anytime, anywhere support.

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Take back control of your time

Available 24/7 on their smartphone, it’s there to guide your employees quickly and easily through HR processes, answer their questions, and generally make their
life easier.

Our digital assistant allows employees to access key
information and manage their own work-related processes.

This means your HR department is liberated from the administrative burden of handling employee requests, freeing them up to focus on more value-driven work.

People First Digital Assistant provides a friendly interface where employees can:

  • Check their PTO or holiday allowance and request time off – requests are automatically directed to the employee’s line manager for approval
  • Set alerts and reminders, helping them stay on top of their daily work
  • Initiate Focus Mode, which temporarily intercepts incoming emails, allowing the employee to spend more time in the flow
  • Clock in and clock out, log overtime. This is supported by the ability to use geo-location for recording the location of a user at the point of clocking in
  • Look up and manage events in their calendar
    Log daily diary entries, giving them insights into their performance and progress

All this is available 24/7 via their smartphone.


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What can the People First chatbot do?

iTrent Digital Assistant HR Chatbot

Complete tasks quickly and easily

Our People First chatbot can be added to your People First package and swiftly installed across your organisation. It’s so easy to use that minimal training is needed as it uses the same instant-messaging technology that people are already familiar with.

People often don’t know who to ask or where to find information about their HR and payroll queries. With multiple systems, it can be confusing and frustrating to search around different sites.

People First’s digital assistant solves this problem by providing a single point of contact that’s always available when you need it.

There’s no confusion over where things are stored, no need to be in the office and no struggle to get hold of a particular person or use an unfamiliar system.

Time is money for your business and your people. With everything accessible in one place,  there’ll be no more excuses for putting off the admin when it’s this easy to get things done.

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4 reasons to choose People First's Chatbot

  • The People First chatbot is easy to use with the best of instant messaging technology. It’s informed by our expertise in HR and payroll to help your employees find what they need.
  • The People First chatbot is designed to deliver an accurate and personalised service with a friendly touch.
  • With People First chatbots in-built automation, HR and payroll teams get more face-to-face time with the people who need help and employees have more contorl over their working lives. 
  • The People First chatbot ensures your people will experience HR support in the way they need
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