HR and Payroll Chatbots

Save time and energy

Are your teams spending too much time on tasks that could be automated?

Every department within an organisation has admin to deal with that takes up too much of their precious time.

HR and payroll teams are particularly affected with responsibility for the admin of the entire workforce. 

Get your day back with a digital assistant. We can help you set up chatbots to respond to FAQs, recruit new talent, book desk space or even allow employees to access and manage their own data and requests quickly and easily 24/7.

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Take back control of your time

Want to get back to focusing on your people? Want to be ahead in driving your plan instead of just reacting? Want to ensure you can add more value to the business?

Well, our digital assistant gives you time back to ensure your HR team can increase their productivity, recruit and manage talent and support your employees.

A single point of contact

With chatbots, you can enable routine questions to be answered automatically. We can help you free your HR team and employees from the mundane, with no more time wasted searching different folders and systems for information. With chatbots, it’s all at your fingertips, providing your employees with accurate information on demand.

Boost your engagement

Our HR and payroll digital assistants provide instant answers to your common questions, no matter the time, place or device.

Our chatbots enable you to be open all hours to support your employees, recruitment and customer service. This can be through predefined answers or live chat. Not only are you driving up the productivity of your team but you are ensuring people are there to listen... increasing your service levels.

We recognise that we all communicate differently and our digital assistants allow you to do so by speaking or typing into a conversational interface.

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HR chatbot customer story:

"The digital assistant gives HR more time to give value-added services to our business." - Stonewater Housing Association

iTrent Digital Assistant HR Chatbot

iTrent Chatbot

Already using our market-leading HR and payroll platform iTrent? 

The iTrent chatbot is a digital assistant specifically designed to support your iTrent processes and your employees to save time and reduce admin. 

The iTrent chatbot allows your employees to book holidays, raise expenses and even check payslips from their mobile phones. 

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Got People First?

Are you already using our social, HR and colloborative People First platform?

The People First chatbot is a digital assistant specifically designed to support your employees to save time and let them take control of their development and work-life

The People First chatbot gives your employees a single place to check their information, book holidays and claim expenses. 

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How a digital assistant can help your business

Our friendly digital assistants connect people to their personal data directly and securely. 

Our chatbots can be installed across your organisation quickly and easily, on mobile, desktop or integrated into existing chat platforms like Slack or Teams. The conversational language input means they're easy to use with minimal training and you can hand-off to a real person when you need to for the best user experience. 


As a single source of information, finding information is quicker and easier with no need to search across disparate systems or departments.


We can adapt out-of-the-box solutions to your needs or build bespoke bots to support your objectives to deliver an accurate and personalised service whilst reducing admin.

Find out what solutions are right for your business.

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Our digital assistant can help you with:

  • HR and payroll support (FAQs): A single portal for employee and manager queries and support, it provides front line support for frequently asked questions, help understanding processes, allow organisations to broadcast messages to their managers and even monitor compliance
  • Recruitment: Attract, vet, engage and hire the best people by ensuring you can interact with them 24/7 using dynamic and easy conservation. Available as part of a job board integration it will reduce applicant drop off rates and enhance applicant experience
  • Onboarding: Interact with new starters easily ensuring they have access to the information they need for their first day. Capture all compliance information, and allow new starters to understand more about the organisation and ask questions.
  • Employee wellbeing: Guide and support employees with a single source for advice on Stress, Mental Health, Whistleblowing, and the organisational Assistance programme, including an anonymous live chat with an advisor and the ability to poll your workforce to check their health and wellbeing


  • Learning: Give employees access to micro-learning on demand, as and when they need it. Include links to free internet based content and integrate into an organisation's LMS system. Provide instant access to information and support, including compliance training and audit.
  • Resource booking and management: Instantly book anything from desks, space and even event management. Let employees book a time slot, automating inefficient and manual processes while improving user experience
  • Benefits enrolment: Let employees know what they are entitled to, what options they can add, and make any changes as they need with a smooth, simple process. Include notifications of announcements of changes or deadlines to keep everyone informed
  • Bureau services (schools): Specifically aimed at schools who’s payroll is produced and supported by a local council, it provides an easy way of accessing information and providing details around starters and leavers, outside of a council network and firewall

Save time, money and admin to boost your efficiencies

With chatbots, your HR teams will have helpful digital assistants they can rely on to support your employees while they focus on business-critical, strategic tasks. 

Review your admin-heavy areas and see where a chatbot could support you.

With over 35 years of experience improving HR and payroll for our customers, we can build what you need to create instant efficiencies. 

Contact us for a full demonstation or simply talk to us about your requirements and find out how we can help!

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