HR and Payroll for Facilities Management

The Service Behind The Success

Facilities managers are the superheroes of every business. You walk through business-spaces largely undetected, but when the air-conditioning isn’t working or the lights go out; your systems mean getting things going again which is essential for a productive business.

It’s because of you that continuity is taken for granted, and with so much work going into making that happen you don’t need to worry about managing your people as well. We offer time-tested software and services to meet all your HR demands, so you have the right people to make sure it all runs smoothly.

Facilities HR Solutions at a Glance

Comprehensive payroll solution which can deal with complexity in payrolls, from hourly paid, shift workers and head office and more.

As more and more organisations are realising the cost benefits of outsourcing and how it enables them to concentrate on their core competencies, Facilities Management Services have an opportunity to ensure that the services they offer are underpinned by an award-winning people management tool.

With many pressures on Facilities Management, we understand that HR teams have the least margin for error, whether you’re looking for ways to streamline processes, manage supply of talent, dealing with individuals who have multiple roles, or manage health and safety incidents efficiently – we can introduce better ways of working that will allow your organisation not just to survive but to thrive.

Simplicity from Complexity

Our cloud solution allows you to stay on top of your talent wherever and whenever you need it. With powerful self-service functions and complete integration with existing HR and finance data, it allows you to improve your organisation’s efficiency and seamlessly manage employees.



Your needs are unique to your organisation, our sector experts are here to add value particularly when it comes to tailoring a solution to meet your complex workforce needs, and track of specialist skills and non-specialist skills to give you insights into your workforce.