HR and Payroll for the Retail Industry

HR & Payroll for the Retail Industry

MHR recognise the different retail groups from supermarkets to car dealerships and everything in between.

Our fully automated HR and payroll system integrates with modules including workforce management to streamline your processes and make managing your day to day operations easier than ever.

Our simple to use solution allows you to keep up with the competitive, fast-changing environment, by offering different modules for all your needs.

Introducing the iTrent HR and payroll system


iTrent allows you to reach multiple candidates through greater exposure, as well as enabling you to shortlist reliably, improving your efficiency from start to finish. 

As well as our payroll offering, we help you to pay multiple individuals who have worked different hours -accurately, reliably and in bulk all at once.


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Industry Challenges


Whilst the retail industry is relentless and it’s difficult to keep up-to-date with the constantly changing demands of the market, we are on hand to help you find the balance between satisfying the customer and ensuring you get the best out of your workforce.

With our efficient HR and payroll solution you're guaranteed to tackle  industry challenges:

  • Managing high labour turnover
  • Challenging recruitment process
  • Keeping on track with national legislation 
  • Acknowledging seasonal demand
  • Accommodating different worker contracts
  • Helping ensure employee retention and motivation

Are you looking to attract the right individual to give the best customer service?


iTrent's web recruitment gives you the foundations to reach multiple candidates efficiently across multiple social media channels. Ensuring that your campaign is seen by many.

iTrent gives you the ability to access Broadbean, the worlds largest network of job boards, critical for your company advertising. That's not all, you have the ability to track advert statuses and responses, including analysis reporting as well.

Our recruitment offering also includes functionalities ranging from individual branding to Match and Gap reporting.


Want to pay large volumes of people?

iTrent has the ability to pay efficiently and effectively in large volumes, enabling you as a retailer to reach your large workforce without any hiccups. You can also ensure that people are paid accurately and on time, and they can access their pay information anytime, anywhere using e-payslips.

Legislation within iTrent is kept up to date, allowing you to keep tabs with changing national minimum and living wages, as well as allowing you to report on gender pay gaps. 


iTrent Payroll

Are you juggling shift patterns?


Schedules are important, especially during peak periods such as Christmas when the need to have more workers on the shop floor becomes a necessity. Being able to manage your roster, to meet the demands of the business and satisfaction of the workers is challenging. But here at MHR our Workforce Management solution, provides you with the necessary equipment to make sure you are ready to meet the demands of all stakeholders, through setting staffing schedules.

Our solution also offers other elements, from T & A or absence management. Helping you as a retailer have all the requirements in place to manage and maintain the people at your disposal. Incorporating contingency plans in place where required.


iTrent Workforce Management

What did our customers say?


Ensuring our customers are happy with the products and services we offer is the most important thing in everything we do.

We take on board feedback and look to improve wherever possible. iTrent is well known in the retail industry.

“Investing in iTrent has significantly accelerated our payroll and People Services processes, which over time are expected to achieve substantial time and cost savings, while bringing together our core business processes in a single system provides us with greater transparency across the group."

Scott Fishburn, Chief People and Transformation Officer

Why not prepare for the future of HR...

You can do this by taking on board the HR Chatbot - here to help you automate your processes further by making it a faster, more efficient way of dealing with your day to day requests through your own virtual HR assistant. 

Make sure you take full advantage and meet our Chatbot...

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Digital transformation. Because you can’t back up a notepad

Digital transformation means introducing platforms which integrate all areas of the business through the means of technology.

It’s currently taking the markets by storm and as a result you can rest assured that you’re following business trends and keeping up-to-date with the most recent and advanced forms of technology in HR and payroll; which is paramount to ensuring that success is delivered. 

Why not read our blog to get our top tips on giving power to your people processes.

Top Tips Digital Transformation

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand your industry specific requirements.

Why not read our FAQs to see if we provide a solution to your problems.

Why not ask us a question?

Will iTrent acknowledge important legislation such as the gender pay gap or national minimum wage requirements etc?

Of course! iTrent keeps up-to-date with legislation that has been put in place by the government to ensure that you are abiding by the necessary rules.

Does iTrent have the functionality to recruit individuals for specific times of the year?

iTrent has the functionality for you as a business to create multiple recruitment sites, across multiple platforms, allowing you to access the best and most suited talent for your needs. This enables you to recruit extra people when you need to, addressing seasonal demands.

Is iTrent's on-boarding process slick and simple?

Yes! Once you have secured the right individual, iTrent's on-boarding functionality is seamless and simple from start to finish. It is easy to set up a new starter and ensure they have a great experience from day one.

With iTrent, can we manage multiple contracts based on fluctuating retail demands?

Yes, our solution can manage all types of workers, from part to full time. It also enables you to accrue TOIL and consider flex-time. You can also employ workers on a seasonal basis if required to help you manage those fluctuating retail markets.

Will iTrent integrate our HR and payroll processes?

Yes, of course! iTrent has the ability to integrate both of these core areas, making it easier to manage and maintain for HR professionals.

Are we able to integrate our own retail branding, to create a recruitment style portal?

Yes, iTrent enables each organisation to tailor their recruitment portal to represent their company, making it more recognisable for people using the system and helping you gain traction with an attractive application system.

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