Bringing together the experts at the HR Leaders Round Table

MHR held its very first HR Leaders Round Table at The Savoy in London on Thursday 27 June, which brought together HR leaders in large businesses and organisations across financial services, retail, hospitality, education and government, to discuss current and emerging HR trends.

With HR leaders from a range of organisations and industries, topics covered like ‘creating a successful employee experience’ and ‘how to recruit and retain talent’ drew an interesting range of thoughts and learnings from previous approaches.


One attendee from a global financial business said that her focus was on creating an omnichannel approach to employee communications to increase engagement across the organisation. Having said this, she noted that meeting expectations was no small task with limitations on the solutions available for the demands of a global operation making this a huge challenge.


A key theme developed over the course of the employee experience discussion was the importance of tailoring and personalising the employee experience as much as possible.


One HR leader noted that in a ‘push notification world’ and against the backdrop of social media personalisation, employees now expected and deserved tailored communication. She said businesses now needed to be working to produce an individualised strategy for each workforce segment.


The event was well attended and enjoyed by HR leaders.


One attendee from the financial services sector said: ‘The event had a great mix of sectors bringing in different experiences, systems and expertise. A very useful and inspirational event!’


Another attendee from a postal and logistics service business said: ‘Really good to hear a range of views from other organisations and very nicely facilitated. A good range of topics with people keen to debate hot HR issues’.


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