MHR is awarded top cyber-security standard

This new approval demonstrates MHR’s continuing commitment to ensure maximum cyber-security for all.

MHR has achieved the government backed Cyber Essentials Security standard, awarded for the demonstration of robust online security practices and controls.

With ever increasing amounts of personal data being stored in the cloud, there is an increasing threat from Cyber criminals. The Government’s 2016 Cyber Breaches Survey found that 65% of large businesses had experienced a cyber-security breach or attack in the past year.

Developed to address these risks and as part of the UK’s National Cyber Security Programme, the Cyber Essentials scheme independently verifies, and helps to maintain exceptional security.

Following rigorous testing, MHR’s security controls passed with flying colours. Tests covered everything from internet connected systems such as iTrent and MHR Analytics solutions, application servers and corporate systems such as email, in addition to remote systems such as smartphones, laptops and tablets. By achieving the Cyber Essentials standard MHR is able to provide peace of mind to its customers, ensuring the security and integrity of confidential data at all times.

Chief Security Officer, David Mold said: “Cyber-security is our top priority. This is something MHR is investing heavily in to ensure we have the very latest protection in place. From cutting edge hardware, software, training, and people, MHR’s continued investment ensures we are able to predict, identify and safeguard against threats before they happen.”

David Mold continues: “ the possibility of attack to businesses and consumers alike is unlikely to reduce and in some instances, the technicalities of the attacks will become even more sophisticated. The Cyber Essentials accreditation proves that MHR is ready to defend against these threats.”

For more information on the Cyber Essentials Security accreditation, please click here.