Large Complex Payroll? No Problem

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Does your business need accurate and efficient corporate payroll solutions for the workers you employ? 

Well, hello and nice to meet you – you’re in the right place. Our payroll software for large companies pays over 2.3 million UK employees every pay cycle.

Making large payroll runs simple

Enterprise payroll doesn't have to be labourious, admin heavy and ripe for mistakes. Let's make the complex, simple.

  • Reduce costs through automated systems
  • Automate your holiday allowance processes
  • Automate your expense claims
  • Automate p60 handouts
  • Real Time Information (RTI) & full retrospection
  • Pension reform and auto enrolment compliant
  • Efficient batch scheduling
  • Net to gross calculations

50% of organisations are still using archaic payroll processes 

Our latest research, conducted in partnership with Censuswide, shows the extent to which large businesses are struggling to embrace digital, with manual processes and paper systems still rife in payroll teams. 

Read the report and discover the inconvenient truth of payroll practices. 


iTrent payroll software supports the complex, unique aspects of large companies

iTrent has the capability to manage organisations of all shapes and sizes, with the functionality to run multiple, complex payroll runs at once. Multiple locations and a variety of flexible working styles are no problem with our intuitive and highly configurable corporate payroll software and services.

At MHR we have a large business and enterprise payroll team, who have an in-depth knowledge about the challenges larger companies face and can advise on the best products and modules to suit your individual needs. You only pay for what you need, ensuring the system meets your precise requirements without unnecessary add-ons. 

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Payroll software for large business - with dedicated support and service

“Our long term partnership with MHR has grown from strength to strength and has continued to provide us with the best possible service over the last decade and beyond. MHR’s team are always there when we need them.”

Severn Trent plc 6,500 employees

Streamlined payroll integration

Have you got a global solution in place to ensure departmental or international collaboration, with a HR and Payroll system (HCM) that fails to meet your people needs?

iTrent can be integrated with an ERP or other third-party system, providing your organisation with a best in class HR and/or payroll solution, without sacrifices elsewhere. It’s win-win.

For more information, read our ERP guide or whitepaper about fighting for a multi-vendor ERP solution that really solves your organisation’s wide-ranging payroll management requirements.

Your corporate payroll data is safe with us

With our dedicated Data Protection and Data Security teams on site at all times, we make sure everything is protected from cyber-attacks and compliant with data laws such as GDPR. Our Tier 3 data centres across our Nottingham-based sites feature automated fail-safe procedures, to ensure the best possible security and continuity for our customers cloud based payroll at all times.

Our safety measures include:

  • Annual penetration testing and intrusion detection
  • Prevention technologies including multi-layered security systems, load balancing between servers and application firewalls to monitor network traffic
  • ISO 9001, 27001 and UK Cyber Essentials Accreditation, SOC 2 compliance

Enterprise payroll case study: Admiral

Before their iTrent HR and payroll system, Admiral struggled with many issues facing payroll teams in large companies - manual processes, inconsistencies and under utilising skilled team members, to name a few. As a business with over 7,000 employees, Admiral knew they needed an automated, flexible and user friendly system for their payroll team and their workforce.




Expenses done at the click of a button

Over 1 in 3 HR Managers state that their number one headache on a daily basis is maintaining high levels of employee management when much of their time is taken up with laborious admin.

With an inadequate, archaic system, expenses can be one of the most time consuming parts of HR and payroll. 

Enter Chatbot. Transforming how expenses are processed in your organisation and giving your employees and payroll team that precious time back to focus on critical strategic work.

Download the brochure below to learn more about how Chatbot can support your organisation.

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Outsource your corporate payroll solution and take the weight off your shoulders

Our managed services team can take over the full running of your payroll with 99.999% accuracy, so your employees can work strategically without the transactional workflow woes.

With so many legislative and compliance changes needed, adherence to GDPR and the annual production of the Gender Pay Gap report, the administration involved within payroll processes can be frustrating. It takes up hours of your people’s time which could be better spent meeting your organisation’s strategic goals.

By outsourcing your payroll, there are significant opportunities for cost, time and resource savings. Plus, you’ll have access to a team of experts who will ensure an efficient, accurate, secure and compliant service.

Find out more about our outsourced payroll here.

Enterprise payroll experience and expertise

“Our decision to outsource our payroll to MHR was much more sophisticated than fast and simple cost savings. It was about remaining in control but utilising MHR’s expertise and experience.”

Sytner Group Ltd 7,000 employees 

Expert HR & payroll consultancy

Unsure how to solve your complex requirements? Let our strategic HR and payroll consultancy team carry out a review and our expert consultants will help you find new efficiencies and best practise ways of working. They can advise which software and services will best suit your needs, ensuring anything you implement will provide real benefits.

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