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Specialist Cloud Hosting Support For Your Payroll

At MHR, we recognise it can be difficult to host and maintain an in-house HR and payroll system, and infrastructure issues can frequently impact your IT services. Our Cloud Hosting Services for our proprietary HR and payroll software, can take care of everything for you.


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Why make the switch from in-house HR & payroll hosting to outsourcing?

There can be a number of reasons to outsource the hosting of your in-house hosted HRIS, below, we take you through a few of them including compelling events, tactical considerations and strategic drivers.

Events that create a need for outsourcing

  • Loss of knowledge or people
  • Hardware lifecycle or renewals
  • Disasters - loss of capability, including:
    - Hardware failures
    - Power losses
    - Fires
    - Floods

Tactical drivers leading to outsourcing

  • Business continuity planning
  • Availability and uptime
  • Security and audit
  • Compliance and governance
  • A change of circumstance, requiring an outsourcing solutions which adapts to the business

Strategic reasons for outsourced hosting

  • Moving key services to the cloud
  • Risk reduction, sharing and transfer
  • Efficiencies and value:
    - Specialist resources required in-house
    - Value of hosting vs. in-house capability
    - Focusing on your core business

The value in outsourced hosting for your HR and payroll system

Although the average organisation with existing in-house expertise, security infrastructure and services can still save a significant amount on outsourcing the management and maintenance of their HR and payroll system compared to on-premise, this is not where the real value lies.

The value in outsourcing lies in advantages gained through the expertise, governance, support and enterprise technologies that underpin the MHR cloud hosting service.

By utilising MHR's private cloud hosting service, you take advantage of millions of pounds of investment at a fraction of the cost through economies of scale.

Outsourcing also unlocks an opportunity in time savings, freeing up resource to focus on strategic HR and payroll, rather than IT.


  • We are the experts for everything iTrent - our proprietary HR and payroll software
  • We code, host and support iTrent software from our head offices in Nottingham
  • Dedicated specialist operations team all with security clearance


  • Two tier 3 data-centres wholly owned and operated by MHR
  • All planned maintenance published yearly in advance and conducted out-of-hours
  • Automated upgrade request function
  • 24x7x265 monitoring and support of the application and environment
  • Twelve hours recovery time objective (RTO)
  • Four hour recovery point objective (RPO)

Comfortable with high capacity requirements

  • Over 560 separate organisations use our hosting services (over 55% of our customer base)
  • Over 1,600 individual application instances
  • Storing data for more than 3 million live employee contacts
  • Over 25,000 concurrent user connections across a typical working day

Services as standard

With iTrent you have access to a wealth of technology solutions as standard, including:

  • Secure internet access
  • Full managed upgrades
  • Secure file transfer
  • Annual security testing
  • Extensive intrusion prevention technologies
  • ISO 9001, 27001 and UK Cyber Essentials Accreditation, SOC 2 Report

Additional services

We also offer further services to help you get the most out of iTrent:

  • Single sign on
  • 3rd party identity management
  • Secure email service
  • Transparent Database Encryption
  • IP address restrictions
  • Document storage systems
  • Custom URLs
  • Data escrow

HR and payroll technology solutions

Not everyone wants to access their system in the same way, or may want an enhanced level of security, which is why we have developed a number of solutions to meet those needs. Find out more by downloading our managed hosting brochure below.

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