Emergency Payroll Services

Can't process your pay? We're here to help

MHR’s expert team is here to take the stress out of paying your people in emergency situations. We understand that even with the best planning unforeseen events can occur that prevent your processes from running and leave you with an urgent need to look for a partner to support you.

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As a leading payroll company in the UK we’re used to supporting our customers when their systems have unforeseen issues such as power outages, accessibility issues, or unscheduled leave within the team.

We recognise that smart businesses plan, but not everything can be covered internally, so turning to us, the experts in payroll, makes sense. We de-risk your payroll process and function ensuring even in the most unsettling time you can run smoothly.

What can the Emergency Payroll Service do for my business?

Our service means that you have the security of accessing a short-term payroll processing service, when you need it.

We’ll give you peace of mind when it comes to compliance and data security, by taking ownership of your end-to-end payroll processing.

Our service provides emergency support during major incidents such as natural disasters and pandemics, but also provides a safety net for the smaller unexpected circumstances you may face such as system power outages and key employees being suddenly unavailable.

In addition, our service helps you to avoid disruption when you’re going through a transition in your business, such as moving to a fully managed service or organisation restructuring. We can fill in your payroll processing gaps at short notice, so you’re never caught out!

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How do we do this?

1. We use our leading HR and payroll platform, iTrent, combined with our payroll experts who have the relevant security and vetting clearances to ensure we can pay your team at short notice.

2. We will work with you to understand your processes and details to ensure we offer the right level of functionality for your organisation.

3. All you need to do is contact us and we will take the drama out of any emergency payments.

Why use MHR's Emergency Payroll Service?

With over 35 years’ experience paying people in the UK. Organisations choose our service because we deliver against our SLA 100%, and provide you with access to our payroll expertise and support.

Why have the hassle or worry, simply rely on us to do what we do best - process your payroll.

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