Pension Data Service

Unlock a smarter way of working  

Processing your pensions returns has never been so complicated. Schemes keep changing their requirements, submissions are moving from yearly to monthly, and the data you need to review is growing.  

Our Pension Data Service gives you the keys to unlock a smarter way of working. Say goodbye to manually managing your pension output and let us do the hard work for you. 

Download our Pension Data Service brochure to find out more.

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Your Pension submissions – the easy way 

Having to constantly battle with complex pension submissions isn’t an easy job, and when traditional consultancy services simply don't provide a solution, you can be left with even more work.  

Our Pension Data Service offers an automated pension solution that can support you no matter what HR and payroll provider you use. Our experts extract relevant information from your payroll system and provide accurate returns in the correct format for submission when you need it. With no need for manual intervention, our service can give you the reassurance of compliant data for submission every time.  

Over 150,000 complex employee pensions, across 60 different organisations, are being processed with ease using our Pension Return Service. We’re already supporting customers with Local Government Pensions Schemes (LGPS), Teachers Pension Schemes (TPS), and more across the public and private sector. You can have peace of mind that no matter how much things change, your outputs can be tailored to meet requirements without having to upskill your employees or find more internal resource alongside any risk of relying on key individuals that could represent significant single points of failure. 

Free Pension Returns Webinar 

Whether you are faced with a combination of different schemes such as LGPS, TPS (be it MDC or upcoming MCR), SPPA, USS, NHS or other individual schemes it can prove a considerable amount of work in terms of getting the submissions accurate and on time. 

There could be a simpler way of approaching this to make submissions easier and automate your way of working.  

We ran two webinars to show you how our Pension Data Service can support you as pensions become more complex. Our first webinar discusses the changing pensions landscape, along with how our service works. In the second, we are joined by iConnect, discussing their platform and how our service supports these submissions. Watch our webinars now on demand and see how we can help you. 

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Why not experience the freedom of automating your pension submissions? 

Take advantage of:

  • Reduced risk of fines 
  • No stress of monthly or annual pension return 
  • Automated data and reporting accuracy 
  • Time back for more critical tasks 
  • No constant changes to pension output submissions 
  • High levels of data protection and security from our data centres 
  • Service level agreements covering the entire service 
  • Prepared to an agreed schedule in line with your submission deadlines  

How much could you save? 

By manually processing your pension submissions, you are needlessly missing out on significant efficiencies, cost savings as well as risking financial penalties due to inaccurate data stored in different areas. It can take weeks to complete your submissions, and with some schemes moving to monthly submission you have even less time to complete them. Let us automate your pension submissions using our Pension Data Service and see the benefits for yourself. 

No matter how complex your pension submission needs, you can rely on us.

Supercharged with i-Connect 

We're partnered with i-Connect to further simplify your monthly data submissions and make pension returns faster and easier than ever before. Learn more about our partnership. 

“We worked closely with MHR Analytics to help extend this innovative, pain-free data submission solution service. The software is about exchanging data between payroll and pension forms and getting data from one place to another – which should be simple but it’s not, so it’s no surprise that the service has proved so popular so quickly.” 

- Colin Lewis, Managing Director of i-Connect

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Teacher’s Pensions are changing 

Teacher’s Pension are introducing the Monthly Contribution Reconciliation (MCR) pension processing, which replaces the Monthly Data Collection (MDC). This more comprehensive return increases complexities for teachers, local government organisations and the education sector. 

With 103 data requirements to collect for the submission, these changes are likely to significantly drain on your resources. Why not let us help and take your stress away and outsource your pension woes to our Pension Data Service? 

“This is an important part of our drive for digital transformation that will remove much of the resource-heavy burden of preparing pension returns for 3,000 employees across the three local authorities. The new software will save significant public money by removing potential inaccuracies and increasing efficiencies.”

- Victoria Braybrook, BCE (Braintree, Colchester and Epping) Shared Payroll Services Manager

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With pensions getting more complex, and frequent changes putting even more pressure on your teams, do you really want to keep managing all this in house on your own? 

Contact us now to find out how your organisation can benefit from our proven Pension Data Service.  

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