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Advice, guidance and consultancy support for your HR and payroll

Whether you're a large corporation, an international business breaking into the UK market, or a small organisation without an internal HR team, no matter your size MHR have a variety of solutions to support your HR and payroll. 

Our team of qualified experts share over 100 years of experience and can support you with training, remote or onsite advice and guidance services, or a range of consultancy to tranform your HR and payroll processes. 

Software is only ever part of the picture. With a range of comrehensive solutions, let us help you gain greater cost efficiencies, improve productivity and reduce risks.


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Coronavirus HR and Payroll Support

During the challenges caused by Coronavirus (COVID-19), MHR is here to support you and your business with a variety of services and solutions to support your organisation through the unpredictable, ensuring your business can continue its operations with minimal disruption.


All our services and solutions can be implemented and operated remotely, for your peace of mind.

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Evolving Through Education

Organisations constantly evolve, so to meet new business requirements, HR and payroll processes need to adapt.

Our team of experts work in partnership with a wide mix of customers, so they understand that each organisation is different.

By developing service offerings that work for all structures and challenges, we’ve enabled organisations to get more from their people through expert HR, payroll and transformational consultancy and support, for over thirty years.

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Services & Support

At MHR, we don’t just provide software, we provide services and support too. Depending on the support you need, there is a variety of help available to all our customers:

  • Service Cloud – your online portal, containing a wealth of knowledge, advice, event/training booking, and technical specifications.
  • Service Desk – your first port of call for system support. The Service Desk team will support you whenever you’ve got a problem. 
  • iTrent Assist – your next level customer service, providing remote consultancy whenever you need it, to ensure you’re always getting the most value out of your system whilst mitigating risk.
  • Bite Size Consultancy - on site or remotely, our consultants can provide additional resources to help your make small system changes whilst reducing pressure on your teams.
  • On-Site Consultancy – face to face expert support. Our experts will visit your site and sit down with your teams.
  • Strategic Consultancy – your route to improve efficiency, productivity and best practice, our strategic consultants work with you to review all your existing processes, and make recommendations to remove manual processing and automate tasks to support your organisation in getting the best value out of your systems.
  • HR Advisory Services - HR advice and guidance either remotely or on site to support your HR processes with specialist and legal recommendations

Whatever support you need, MHR is here to help.

HR Advisory Services for small businesses

We understand that managing your HR responsibilities can be a nightmare without an in-house team, and the pressure often falls on your busy managers. 

For smaller businesses, you can't always justify the costs of hiring people with specialist skills, investing in training, or maintaining the infrastructure for these services in-house. It can be particularly difficult to keep compliant with ever-changing legislation whilst keeping wellbeing in mind.

By working in partnership with MHR, our proven and experienced team are available when you need them to help manage your HR issues, legislation changes and policies.

We know that having the right teams and systems in place, is paramount to the success of your business. We're here to help you achieve this, with ease and simplicity.

We can get you up and running in 24 hours.

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Consulting for HR Transformation

Growth plans, restructuring, mergers and acquisitions are all changes you’ve likely experienced. The need to do more with less and have a strong infrastructure in place are reasons to automate tasks and streamline your business.

Working in partnership with you, we can review your specific requirements, for your whole HR and payroll provision, or for a single process. By providing you with recommendations for how to transform, you can take your business forward with the knowledge you need to get things right.

Consulting for HR Change Management

Once we’ve helped you to understand the needs of your business, it’s important that the transition to any new processes is as smooth as possible.

As an organisation, meaning your company leaders and management, you will fully understand the benefits and purposes of any recent changes, and you might have been involved in the meetings with our strategic consultants.

Getting the wider, much larger workforce on board is more of a challenge.

By creating the right lines of communication, they can better understand the change. Marketing campaigns, emails and information to assist with training are all things we can arrange with you, so that your people know what’s happening, and get behind it; as they know why.

Consulting for HR Digital Transformation

To become efficient, organisations must leverage the power of digital.

Accepting the need to walk away from the existing business processes your organisation grew from seems counterintuitive, but adopting a cutting-edge digital strategy will help your business environment evolve.

Digital transformation means being prepared for mobile workers, removing paper-processes, understanding the importance of bots and using modern interfaces, to drive performance in all areas of your business.

For organisations looking to boost employee engagement, create organisational attractiveness and become more efficient, digital transformation is the answer.

Our strategic HR and payroll consultancy team help you unlock the newest, most advanced features of iTrent to sharpen your competitive edge as part of your digital strategy.

Business Continuity

Organisations all experience times when administrative resources are limited, while project demands are high, leaving unwanted skill gaps and sudden, problematic pauses to business processes.

These gaps can lead to mistakes, and so can moving data around the business without a temporary safety net for if things go wrong.

Whether you need this safety net or expert advice in areas you are unfamiliar with, we can take you through the journey, not just implementation.

Always on hand when required, we offer ad hoc support, right up to full business continuity plans.

iTrent Assist offers detailed consultancy on demand, removing the need for advance planning, or having to waste whole days with a consultant where a shorter time would suffice.

Short-notice configuration work, information on software releases and general advice are all reasons to make the most of our continuity consultancy.



Compliance with data laws is a crucial element of running any organisation, and compliance is a hotter topic now than it has ever been.

If you want to ensure continuity, risk-aversion, and a good reputation, while avoiding huge fines, then the right processes for data management are essential.

To ensure you handle data properly, we’ve created these two great services:

Audit and Housekeeping – Helping you to manage your data more effectively, fixing problems like storing excess data and making sure you are transferring and storing it properly.

GDPR – With the changes GDPR has brought to businesses in Britain and the rest of Europe, we have made sure all our software is fully GDPR compliant and we offer training too. Whatever you require to avoid poor audits, we’re on hand to give you what you need.

Meeting the demands of our customer base

Meeting customer demands to a high standard is our central aim, and the Strategic Services team are on-hand to ensure that happens. The team works hard to make sure you understand the full capability of iTrent for maximum benefit to your business.

Don’t just take our word for it. Here are a few of our customers who have been telling us how great their experience is:

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"MHR's strategic team has transferred our organisations current processes, giving us valuable administration time to focus more of our activities on helping the children and families we care for. We have been really impressed with the help and support from MHR and were surprised to learn how much more we could save by automating and updating our existing policies."

 Becky Mallon, Head of HR at Acorns Children’s Hospice


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Henry Boot Logo

“MHR has helped us to save both time and money – benefiting us as an organisation and our people. We are extremely pleased with their input into our transformational project, and will continue to work with MHR on new releases to influence future development.”

"We have reduced the amount of paper produced by the team, and also the number of days taken to produce contracts"

Rachel White, Head of HR at Henry Boot plc


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“We would be floundering without the strategic review. MHR are not just a system provider, there’s much more to offer.

"The service is even more valuable than the product and, in my opinion, it should be bundled in for every customer. It’s really good as a health check to make sure you’re working with iTrent in the best way."

Andy Nuttall, Head of Projects at Catch22

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Nottingham City Transport transform their HR and payroll process with help from MHR's strategic consultants

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand your specific requirements.

Read our FAQs to see if we provide a solution to your problems.

Why not ask us a question?

What is a strategic review?

A strategic review ensures that your HR and payroll processes are best aligned to company strategy. Our specialist HR and payroll consultants delve in to your processes in great depth, providing you with a report of their findings and best practice recommendations. If taken further, you will get the opportunity to have designated workshops associated to certain modules of the review, in which our strategic team are on hand to deliver and ensure that your processes in place are accurate, reliable and correctly maintained.

What services do you offer?

Our strategic team offer an array of services. We take in to consideration reviews from a full overview all the way down to singular more particular modules, including reviews of your organisation structure and recruitment process. Additionally our strategic service team are on-hand for emergency payroll support, and transitions within our iTrent product such as the ability to evolve to electric. You can be rest assured that no matter how complicated you’re HR and payroll processes maybe, our team are more than capable of providing you with the necessary knowledge and skills to make your practices more seamless.

How do HR take the lead in digital transformation?

HR find themselves at the crossroads of almost every department within your organisation. With this in mind it is imperative that HR are very much involved and leaders in digital transformation. This is achieved through HR taking the lead in helping introduce digital infrastructure to support each business function, at the same time as helping the employee experience and ensuring they adapt to cultural change seamlessly.

How can we ensure successful adoption of a new system?

Within the strategic services team we will help you ensure that you adopt a new system successfully. Our consultants will make sure that you are in line with the business strategy, as well provide you with the right knowledge and skills to run a new system. We will make it our goal to talk you through the training approach early, and provide you with the necessary skills to make this transferable in the future. With changes to systems along the way, our iTrent assist team are on-hand to support and help you monitor your way through the system.

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