iTrent Training

Whether you are part of the implementation team or a complete iTrent beginner, we have the perfect courses for you.

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Implementation-phase Training

These courses help you build the skills and knowledge to set up and manage your iTrent solution effectively.

Post Go-live Training

Once your first payroll has been completed in iTrent, these courses will help you develop the talent management modules to ensure that you are utilising iTrent to meet your strategic business objectives.

End-user Training

Ensure that your employees are using iTrent in line with your business processes, whether it be a standard course or a bespoke session.

Business Analytics Training

We offer two levels of courses that will give you the skills needed to extract and manipulate data stored within iTrent to produce business-critical reports. 

For the data wizards... 

We also offer a series of courses in Excel, covering everything from the basics to advanced functionality, giving you the confidence to work with, analyse, and present large data sets.

The golden key to unlock your software

We're here to help your people make the most out of the tools at their finger tips. Speak to one of industry experts about iTrent training. 

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