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People are the true drivers of success, so ensuring that your staff are looked after should be your number one priority.

This is where our HR software solutions can help.

iTrent software simplifies HR processes, allowing you to remove administrative burdens and cut operational costs while recruiting, developing, and retaining top talent.

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iTrent HR Software Features

Here are just some of the areas that iTrent covers. For an extensive view of what iTrent has to offer, download a free copy of our brochure.


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Fixed price, fixed timeline and fixed outcomes

We understand that HR and payroll implementation programmes can be costly and time consuming but a necessary process, which is why we’ve developed our fixed price, fixed timeline and fixed outcomes approach. We will work with you to create a plan that meets your agreed outcomes, goals and expectations so you are confident that your project completes on time without any extra costs or delays.

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If this sounds interesting and you'd like to learn more or see our HR software solutions in action, why not book a free, no obligation introductory demonstration? We’ll then call you to set it up, and one of our experts will talk you through everything you need to know – either online or on site.

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Customer testimonials

The process transformation is already freeing up HR to focus on more strategic issues, and improving the employee experience (...). By streamlining flexible benefits, using iTrent to automate pensions auto enrolment assessments and reporting to our pension provider, Swinton’s reward team were freed up to concentrate on pay and grading structures, resolving key issues around pay & reward.

With the HR department manually processing approximately 10,000 emails per year, the team was spending so much time on administration that we were unable to provide the high level of service we were striving for,” adds a representative. “It became clear that a solution was required to centralise all data, automate manual activities and provide access to training records at a local level.

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Services & Support

At MHR, we don’t just provide software, we provide services and support too. Depending on the support you need, there are 5 layers of help available to all our customers:

  • Service Cloud – your online portal, containing a wealth of knowledge, advice, event/training booking, and technical specifications, regularly updated by our product and service teams. You can even share ideas with us to improve iTrent and discuss questions and queries with your fellow iTrent customers.
  • Service Desk – your first port of call for system support. The Service Desk team can support you whenever you’ve got a problem you aren’t sure how to fix. Raise a case for bug fixes, or get advice on the level of support you need to solve configuration struggles or additional expert guidance.
  • iTrent Assist – your next level customer service, providing remote consultancy whenever you need it, to ensure you’re always getting the most value out of your system whilst mitigating risk.
  • On-Site Consultancy – your face to face expert support. Our experts will visit your site, sit down with your teams, and implement modules, set up specific configuration for new workflows or modules, and transfer knowledge to help your teams.
  • Strategic Consultancy – your route to improve efficiency, productivity and best practice, our strategic consultants work with you to review all your existing processes, and make recommendations to remove manual processing and automate tasks to support your organisation in getting the best value out of your systems.

Whatever support you need, MHR is here to help.

Coronavirus HR and Payroll Support

During the challenges caused by Coronavirus (COVID-19), MHR is here to support you and your business with a variety of services and solutions to support your organisation through the unpredictable, ensuring your business can continue its operations with minimal disruption.

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Frequently asked questions

Choosing a new HR system can be a tricky business. To help make it easier, here are some answers to frequently asked questions.

If you would like to ask your own question or just need expert help in selecting the right HR platform for your business, please let us know by submitting your question below.

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Is my employees’ data secure in iTrent?

Yes. At MHR, we have our very own state-of-the-art data centre, and with ISO27001, ISO9001 and SOC 2 as standard, you can rest assured that your employees’ data is in safe hands.

What does the iTrent installation process look like?

To ensure a smooth installation, you’ll need to assign a dedicated project team to the task. The process includes cleansing data and payroll elements, mapping your current processes, documenting activities such as absence, pensions, etc., extracting data from the legacy system and preparing your communications strategy.

Does iTrent come with any support?

Yes. If you have any issues, our UK-based telephone service desk is there to assist you. You’ll even get your very own customer relationship manager to help you along the way.

What areas does iTrent HR software cover?

iTrent has everything you need to run an efficient and effective HR function, including Absence, Payroll, Rostering, Expenses, Discipline & Grievance, Recruitment, People Development, Learning and Training Management, Performance Management, Succession Planning, Alerts, Dashboards, Employee Self-Service and Manager Self-Service. We even have our very own HR Chatbot, designed to simplify and automate HR admin tasks.

Can I access iTrent on my phone?

Yes, you can access iTrent using your mobile, tablet or desktop.

Is iTrent an integrated HR system?

Yes, iTrent is one of the few HR systems that offers a fully integrated HR and Payroll solution.

Is iTrent HR software GDPR compliant?

Yes, iTrent now come with functionality specifically designed to help you achieve GDPR compliance, covering areas such as change notification, audit, subject data access, data retention and privacy policies.

Do I need to outsource everything to MHR to use iTrent?

The choice is yours. While we do offer managed payroll, HR and hosting, we also offer a variety of on-premise solutions that allow you to keep parts in-house.

What is the iTrent Electric theme?

iTrent’s Electric theme, is our newest user interface, designed to transform the employee and manager experience of iTrent. Electric is responsive and has a streamlined navigation, consolidated homepage, convenient quick links and a drastic reduction of forms, significantly increasing the speed and efficiency of everyday HR tasks.

iTrent HR Software Update Release Log

iTrent HR and payroll software 10.35 release notesnotes

iTrent Release 10.35.00

The next iTrent Release, 10.35, is here containing lots of updates to iTrent Electric theme functionality and user experience!

Also included; our new Paid Time feature allows you to record employee time and process straight to payroll. It's a simple scheme to set-up and removes the need to rely on timesheets. Paid Time links straight into ESS, it's quick and easy to use, and provides accurate calculations for all time recorded.

As well as this, following customer feedback from our BETA programme and early adopters, we have made a number of changes to ensure Case Management supports a variety of organisational needs, and many more improvements too!

iTrent Release 10.34.00

In 10.34 there are all of the mandatory legislation changes to ensure your HR and payroll stays compliant in to the new tax year, with changes like support for ASC60 report, changes to P45 file name, Class 1A NI on termination payments and many more.

In there are also more changes you voted for are here like Mini Explorer and Reporting Hierarchy amongst the 12 most popular ideas which received over 3,200 votes in total.

There are many more changes and improvements in this release such as new HR Chatbot features, more Survey Builder functionality, automation features for car, fuel allowance and tax codes.

iTrent Release 10.33.00

This release sees the iTrent Web Recruitment module meeting the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 - standards that will be necessary for public sector organisations to meet.

As well as this, the iTrent HR Chatbot can now help you to book and cancel learning events as well as absences, as well as give you daily briefings.

As well as this there are many more enhancements, get in touch to find out more!

iTrent Release 10.32.00

This release contained 28 improvements that were voted for by you, based on over 13,000 votes!

As well as this, the release included streamlining of the new iTrent Electric navigation, recruitment enhancements such anonymised shortlisting, streamlining upload and availability of vacancy details like job description and other supporting information.

This release contained various other improvements, such as enhancements to the iTrent payroll module allowing increased accuracy and time savings through automation of manual processes.

iTrent Release 10.31.00

As well as introducing some important New Year rates, release 10.31.00 also brings you Employee Onboarding, removing manual administration and helping to engage and retain key new hires.

As well as this, our HR Chatbot virtual assistant update means you can now search for jobs, and have job related questions answered. We've also ensured that the improved iTrent Electric user experience is accessible on any device, and given our Web Recruitment iTrent HR module a facelift, creating an improved applicant experience!

iTrent Release 10.30.00

New Chatbot features; manager authorisations, easy answering of FAQs, push notifications and clocking in. iTrent electric theme improvements including intelligent search, most popular pages.

The release also includes important legislative changes for the close and start of the tax year, HMRC changes related to postgraduate loans and Welsh tax codes, all of which we recommend the update is installed before the end of January 2019.

iTrent Release 10.29.00

iTrent's new Insight Builder with graphical dashboards for deeper analysis of HR data as well as our new Time and Attendance modules offer a streamlined employee self service were released. Also in this release were key PAYE Modernisation changes for Ireland, iTrent Electric theme enhancements, improved payslip designs and much more.

Swinton saved £1.7m with iTrent HR software

Swinton Case Study

iTrent HR, payroll with employee and manager self-service, delivered £1.7m of savings over 5 years, through efficiencies and business transformation.

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Cafcass saved £1.5m with iTrent HR software

Cafcass Case Study

iTrent saved Cafcass £1.5m in absence costs, and savings of £266,000 using performance management, HR analytics and MI.

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Interserve reduced headcount by 3 FTEs with iTrent HR software

Interserve Case Study

Innovation through centralisation, iTrent delivering one version of the truth, enabling savings equating to the reduction of three full time employees (FTE's).

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Powys saved £600k with iTrent HR software

Powys Case Study

Through HR automation and business process re-engineering, iTrent Manager and Employee Self Service is projected to achieve £600,000 efficiency savings.

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Integrated HR and Payroll

iTrent is an integrated system, meaning you can manage both HR and payroll functions using a single platform. To find out about how iTrent can help you pay your staff accurately and on time, click below.

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HR guides and downloads

At MHR, we are more than just a single product offering. If you’d like to find out how our software and services could transform your working practices, check out our HR guides and downloads.

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