Connect and Engage with Your Homeworkers Webinar

Let's get practical: An on demand webinar to help you motivate, reward and inspire your remote teams

With the UK and Ireland on lockdown, many businesses have been forced to adopt remote working practices. While this may be part of everyday work life for some companies, for others it will be completely new.

How do you make your people feel connected to their colleagues and the business in these difficult times?

Watch our free on demand webinar in which Andy Davies, HR Expert at MHR, discusses how businesses can connect and engage with their workforce in this new virtual world.

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In this 45-minute on demand webinar, Andy explores how the combination of technology and good management can help your people to continue to thrive in this new world of work.

Specifically, Andy covers:

  • Why 'work' social platforms are powerful tools for boosting employee engagement, collaboration and recognition
  • How we can instil a sense of community and togetherness despite being apart
  • Why regular check-ins play a crucial role in supporting managers and employees during this difficult time, which can help to improve mental wellbeing and avoid feelings of isolation
  • How teams provide a ready-made network for support, feedback, collaboration and socialising
  • Why it’s important to communicate consistent messages through a single channel
  • Top tips on separating work and home life to help employees

The presentation lasts for around 30 minutes, with the last 15 minutes dedicated time for specific questions and discussion.

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Regardless of whether remote working is new to you, or if your organisation is incredibly experienced in this practice, we would encourage you to watch the on demand webinar, listen to Andy and share your experiences so as a community we can help each other out in these difficult times.


About Andy Davies

As an expert in human resources and a Chartered Member of the CIPD, Andy Davies is Head of Global Enablement for People First, responsible for developing the implementation strategy and delivering first class mentoring to partners.

Andy is passionate about the future of HR, employee engagement and performance management, Andy often writes and offers best practice advice on the need for archaic HR practices to evolve so organisations stay relevant within the ever-changing world of work.