Boost productivity across your organisation
with our employee engagement software solutions

Engaged employees are happier, more productive and more creative.
They're also more likely to recommend you as an employer and less likely to leave your organisation.
But it's not just about employee engagement software, what are some of the best ways to engage employees?

Check out Ellie's super top tips below:

1. Keep an open dialogue

Have regular catch-ups with your team, listen to their concerns and deal with any issues early on.

2. Have a clear strategy

Ensure your people know the organisation's objectives - and how their work contributes towards them.

3. Praise, praise, praise

When someone has done a good job, let them know! Appreciation is free and works wonders for morale.

Download the rest of Ellie's top tips below...

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For the rest of our employee engagement top tips, and to find out more about how our HR software solutions come with built in methods for supercharging your business through our optional artificially intelligent employee engagement software modules, click below to download our brochure "The Importance of Employee Engagement":


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Underpin your engagement strategy with the right technology

Employee engagement initiatives are a great way to get started, but to maximise success, it is important that you underpin your efforts with the right employee engagement systems and technology.

Our iTrent HR and Payroll software is designed to support modern working practices, with a focus on engagement and strong manager-employee relationships.


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Understanding the impact of company culture on your employee engagement

Your company culture is not about buying a ping pong table for your staff so before you sign off that purchase order, check out our latest whitepaper which looks at what company culture actually is and how you can be sure you're doing the right things to foster an engaged environment for your employees.  

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Empowering your employees

Empower your employees by allowing them to take charge of their own personal data; all whilst slashing admin costs and improving data quality.

Managing employees anywhere

Our Self-service portal helps to engage all employees – especially remote workers – it is accessible anywhere and at any time. Key communications can easily be pushed through our company news carousel, employees have the option of viewing a Total Reward Statement, which shows them the true value of their employment package.

Employee Engagement Survey Builder

Discover how the iTrent Survey Builder can be used to give you a snapshot of employee sentiment on a regular basis – helping you to identify where there might be issues in your organisation.

Gain workforce insight

Find out how integrated surveys provide greater workforce insight at your fingertips, no need to export and compare data from multiple systems saving you considerable time and resource.

Survey Builder

HR Chatbot

Your artificially intelligent HR chatbot for iTrent

Teams are no longer tied to the office, it is imperative that remote workers have access to all the information they need.

Give your employees control of their HR admin

Our HR Chatbot makes light work of HR admin tasks - including booking holidays, scanning expense receipts, checking their holiday balance and answering next pay date queries - in an instant. Chatbot responds intuitively to language, making interactions as simple, easy and engaging as messaging a friend.

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Talent Check-ins

Are you still doing performance reviews, appraisals and one to ones?

Talent Check-ins are an effective tool designed to encourage a regular and open dialogue between managers and employees.

Why switch from employee appraisals to talent check-ins?

Benefits include increased employee engagement, higher retention rates, and improved wellbeing. This is a tool that can be used to bridge the relationship between managers and employees, and make this bond stronger. Check-ins enable you to have a holistic perspective of your employees and can complement the annual performance reviews process.

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