Employee Engagement Survey Builder

Discover the power of combining your employee engagement processes with your HR system automatically with iTrent.

Surveying employee opinion has never been so simple

It couldn't be easier to get real insight into your employee engagement initiatives with iTrent's Survey Builder, which sits as part of your HR platform - not a third party tool.

Survey Builder can form the core of your employee engagement strategy, providing a tool that gives you real-time snapshots of employee sentiment - helping you to identify where there might be issues in your organisation.

Surveying employee opinion demonstrates a commitment to listen and an intent to improve culture, processes or practices.

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The beauty of one system

Include employee engagement surveys as part of your HR and Payroll solution. Surveys will be part of employee records, this means that any reports you create can also be analysed against other HR and talent data, all in one place.

Integrated surveys provide greater workforce insight at your fingertips, no need to export and compare data from multiple systems saving you considerable time and resource.

  • DPA & GDPR Compliance – using one centralised system helps you to keep control of your data mapping processes, ensuring employee sensitive data remains secure within iTrent.
  • Pre-filled info – as these surveys are part of your HR software, there’s no need for employees to fill out details such as their name or department, this will already populate saving lots of time for employees and ensures their time is utilised on completing the important questions only.

Create surveys for just about anything

The survey builder is extremely flexible, meaning you can use the functionality for employee engagement surveys, cultural surveys, compensation and benefit surveys, pulse surveys, new hire surveys or even exit interviews.

You can also create surveys to support your best practice processes such as return to work interviews, employee change requests, work/life balance requests and feedback, Health and Safety incidents, capturing conflicts of interest and register of interests, gifts and hospitality – the options are endless!

In addition to creating as many surveys as you like, you can also choose whatever style of survey you wish. Whether it’s a pulse survey, simple yes/no or a more qualitative approach you can build these surveys with ease incorporating; radio buttons, Check-boxes, drop down or text field and add as many question responses as you like.

  • The design of the surveys are fully customisable - add in your brand colours, logos or even pictures!

  • No need to pay for expensive external consultants

Easily target specific individuals or groups

Manually selecting key staff that you want to survey can be a real pain and time consuming process.

With iTrent Survey Builder there’s no need to manually identify certain types of staff as they utilise smart groupings which means you can select certain types of individuals based on a range of categories such as job role, department, gender and age.

You can also send surveys to people who perform certain actions, such as requesting to leave the company or going on maternity leave.

The analysis is done for you

One of the main reasons why employee surveys are unsuccessful is that by the time the results are analysed it’s too late and employees don’t think you’ve done anything with their comments which can lead to further disengagement.

iTrent's survey builder collates and assemble data and display these as visual reports in real time – providing insight at a glance without any data wizardry required.

You can also join up survey responses with other HR data, helping to identify trends and get the 'bigger picture'.   


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