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Why is HR Management software important?

HR management software (HRM software) is more than removing spreadsheets from your HR processes or feeling in control of the actions your employees are taking. HRM is enabling your teams and people managers to see every part of the employee life cycle and, as real-time HR reporting suites enable trends to be spotted early, provide key insights that drive the direction of your organisation.


What is iTrent?

iTrent is an award-winning HR and payroll solution, offering everything you need to run an efficient and effective HR function. With a wide selection of HRM software modules available, iTrent can be tailored to your organisation’s requirements to provide a solution to best benefit you and your people.

iTrent’s HRM software isn’t disparate modules forced together - but a whole integrated HRM database solution designed to handle anything your organisation can throw at it. Accessible anytime, anywhere, iTrent HR and payroll software makes it easy for you to manage your people and their pay, no matter what your industry and organisation size.

Automated HR management software saves you time and money

In a world when you’re expected to do more with less, automation is a no-brainer. Why spend your time dealing with endless spreadsheets and manual processes when you can have a HR system do it all for you at the touch of a button?

Not only can iTrent HR management software give you back your precious time, it can save your organisation money – take Cafcass, for example, who have clocked up over £266,000 of staff time and cost savings using iTrent. You can download the HRM system case study here.

Frequently requested and time-consuming processes like recruitment, expenses, absence and learning, can all be automated in iTrent. And they’re all wrapped up in a user-friendly self-service system for employees and managers alike.


Arm holding pen pointing at laptop screen in an office environment with a blue coloured filter
Screenshot of iTrent HR and payroll software's performance & development screen in the iTrent HRM module displaying graphs

High-value customised HRM reporting

Accurate HR information is the foundation of solid management. Whether it’s a workforce review or identifying trends, you need a HR system that gives you complete confidence when you’re dealing with senior leaders.

iTrent’s HRM reporting tools and dashboards can help you and your managers understand underlying trends, skills gaps and underperforming areas.

For example, iTrent skills and competency facilities allow recruitment managers to select the strongest candidates - avoiding costs by reducing turnover, and improving productivity by selecting the best candidates.


iTrent HR software HRM modules

No matter which areas you need covering, iTrent has as few or as many modules as you need to effectively manage your people, including:

HR Management

Case Management


Absence Management

Manager Dashboards and Reporting

Document Management

Employee and Manager Self-Service

People Development

Performance Management


Time and Attendance

Real-time Organisational Structures


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How HRM automation is saving two Borough Councils £500,000

Learn how iTrent's cloud HR and learning management systems achieved cost savings through automation, as well as allowing the organisations to meet constantly changing legislative and HMRC statutory requirements, at the same time as adhering to equality regulations and reducing inefficient paper-based HR processes.

"It was important for us to find an efficient and easy-to-use solution to provide exceptional quality and flexibility."
Head of HR Shared Services (Maidstone and Swale Borough Councils)


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Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing a new HR system can be a tricky business. To help make it easier, here are some answers to frequently asked questions.

If you would like to ask your own question or just need expert help in selecting the right HR platform for your business, please let us know by submitting your question below.

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What is iTrent?

Designed and built in the UK, iTrent is an award-winning integrated HR and payroll solution. Accessible anytime, anywhere, iTrent HR and payroll software makes it easy for you to manage your people and their pay, no matter what your industry and organisation size.

Is my employees’ data secure in iTrent?

Yes. At MHR, we have our very own state-of-the-art data centre, and with ISO27001, ISO9001 and SOC 2 as standard, you can rest assured that your employees’ data is in safe hands.

What does the iTrent installation process look like?

To ensure a smooth installation, you’ll need to assign a dedicated project team to the task. The process includes cleansing data and payroll elements, mapping your current processes, documenting activities such as absence, pensions, etc., extracting data from the legacy system and preparing your communications strategy.

Does iTrent come with any support?

Yes. If you have any issues, our UK-based telephone service desk is there to assist you. You’ll even get your very own customer relationship manager to help you along the way.

Can I access iTrent on my phone?

Yes, you can access iTrent using your mobile, tablet or desktop.

What areas does iTrent HR software cover?

iTrent has everything you need to run an efficient and effective HR function, including Absence, Payroll, Rostering, Expenses, Discipline & Grievance, Recruitment, People Development, Learning and Training Management, Performance Management, Succession Planning, Alerts, Dashboards, Employee Self-Service and Manager Self-Service. We even have our very own HR Chatbot, designed to simplify and automate HR admin tasks.

Is iTrent HR software GDPR compliant?

Yes, iTrent now come with functionality specifically designed to help you achieve GDPR compliance, covering areas such as change notification, audit, subject data access, data retention and privacy policies.

Do I need to outsource everything to MHR to use iTrent?

The choice is yours. While we do offer managed payroll, HR and hosting, we also offer a variety of on-premise solutions that allow you to keep parts in-house.

What is the iTrent Electric theme?

iTrent’s Electric theme, is our newest user interface, designed to transform the employee and manager experience of iTrent. Electric is responsive and has a streamlined navigation, consolidated homepage, convenient quick links, and a drastic reduction of forms, significantly increasing the speed and efficiency of everyday HR tasks.

Discover how Swinton are using iTrent's cloud-based HRM solution to save £1.7m in the next five years


Projected savings of £600,000 for Powys using iTrent to revolutionise existing HRM processes


How did Cafcass use iTrent's HRM tools to automate, integrate and streamline their way to over £266,000?


Interserve's HRM software enabled significant time and cost savings


Talent Management

Your people are a crucial part of your organisation. Unlock the full potential of your people, engaging them with your onboarding, performance appraisal, learning and development and succession planning with iTrent.


Managed HR & Payroll Services

By letting us take care of your HR and payroll, you’ll have access to a team of experts who will ensure an efficient, accurate, secure and compliant service, whether you need us to do it all for you, or just a little bit.


Payroll Software Solutions

iTrent is highly configurable which means we can handle even the most complex payrolls. What’s more it’s up-to-date with the latest payroll law and integrates seamlessly with HMRC, so you can manage all aspects of your payroll in one place.

Payroll Software Solutions

AI HR Chatbot

The MHR Chatbot is the UK & Ireland’s first HR digital assistant. Designed to help simplify, automate and accelerate HR admin tasks like travel expenses and holiday bookings, it can really help lighten your load as well as delivering a great employee experience.

AI HR Chatbot