iTrent Case Management

Get on top of the whole case lifecycle in an easy to understand dashboard.

Managing multiple HR cases at once can be a real challenge, especially when receiving relentless customer queries and processing documents. There are further complications to consider too - ‘am I following company policy?’ ‘what if they take us to court?’ – but don’t worry, we've got you covered!

With iTrent's HR Case Management as part of our HR management suite all the information you need is in a handy dashboard. All information is clear and you can action everything you need through the entire case lifecycle from one screen.

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HR Case Management Made Easy

With the user in mind, we’ve worked tirelessly to make case management easy to navigate and easy to maintain.

Moving a case to completion isn’t always a quick job, that’s why we’ve created our case lifecycle. With a caseload that might include hundreds of tasks, all due for different dates and with different requirements, understanding what you have left to do each day can be a real challenge.

iTrent’s Case Management keeps you on track and shows everything you need to know. Whether it’s case actions due or raised this week, it’s all there in front of you, helping you stay on top of what’s going on.

Each case is split into their own handy tab which details what’s been discussed - when, who by and any actions that have occurred.

The case dashboard allows you seamlessly scroll through tabs which display a timeline for each case which includes dates, actions taken and key information.

Here’s a look at what you can expect

iTrent Case Management contains loads of great tools and here's four key features to help make case life easier:

Case Maintenance Page: This is the landing page which contains a list of cases that can be navigated through via series of interactive tabs. A clear overview of all the most important information is displayed here.

Case Management Summary Screen: This is a summary of all the steps and actions in a case. This is useful for things like legal challenges against a business where a record needs to be created as evidence. This record shows what happened when, in an easy to navigate format.

Raise a Case: If you want to raise a case and a lifecycle, this is the place to do it. You can add loads of details when you set the case up, like the case type, status and case owner; ensuring you've always got all the information to hand and don't have to try find it later. 

Case Lifecycle Designer: This handy tool collates a list of significant dates to create a case lifecycle. When a stage is selected, you can assign a time period to it and each stage follows on from the one before. This way users can get a quick view of the situation, even if they’ve never seen the case.

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