People Analytics

What’s so important about people analytics?

Data. It surrounds us and gives greater insight into everything we do.

Data is being embraced by departments around the world to improve performance, yet few HR departments have been fortunate enough to see how embracing data will improve their performance to give their organisation a powerful competitive edge.

With HR departments responsible for one of the largest overheads in an organisation, people’s salaries, it is crucial that money is being spent as efficiently as possible. By using your people data it’s possible to work to the greatest efficiency.

Your Data Journey - the power to understand your people

Using your data is not all about saving money, people analytics can hugely increase the potential of your people, and the growth of your organisation.

To help you untangle your HR and people data MHR have created a data journey for you to follow.

Follow the data journey to truly understand your people, level up your HR department and harness the power of your people! Discover where your journey begins below.



Discover Insight Builder, the solution that automatically creates visual displays of your data, providing easy to digest analysis in one helpful dashboard for all levels of your organisation, from absence to recruitment.

See an overview of your people, and filter down for more specific information without having to waste time exporting data, filling in spreadsheets, and making graphs for presentations – it’s all readily available.

Sharing your data will give all your people the chance to work towards common goals as well as clearly highlighting any potential pitfalls.

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Intelligent Reporting

Depending on your analytical experience, how soon you want to start reporting and the level of customisation you need, we have a choice of reporting solutions.

Choose from either fast-track reporting (our out-of-the-box solution), or bespoke reporting; the solution that allows you to tailor any reporting solution you may need. Each option will help you to understand your people data. Here’s a snippet of what the two solutions involve:

Fast-track: Analyse the basics such as salaries, employee numbers and absences. Perform structural breakdowns and assess the impact of changes to your workforce caused by new legislation like the gender pay gap reporting or living wage rises. All the hard work is done for you so you can start reporting right away and immediately see your data patterns from day one.

Bespoke: Create personalised reports, from ad hoc queries to sophisticated managed reporting, to get deeper into your organisation’s individual requirements. Whether you’ve got an in-house data specialist or not, MHR experts can help provide the training you need to control your own analytics future.

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Having a growing organisation brings the challenge of managing large amounts of data, which can easily leave day-to-day operations spent sifting through spreadsheets.

Not only does this take up precious time, but it also hinders your ability to effectively interpret your data and make informed decisions — ultimately affecting business performance and limiting your future growth.

Ditch manual spreadsheets and start automating your business planning. Quickly align your financial plans, corporate objectives, organisational changes, employee levels and salary plans – all whilst feeling familiar and intuitive thanks to its ability to be used within Excel.

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Spot trends and future-proof your organisation and its people by tracking data patterns. Predicting the future of your people doesn’t have to be complex or scary – our software is designed for business users and our experts are on hand to help you get great results. 

Whether you’re concerned with talent attraction, employee retention or payroll fraud, predictive analytics will predict future outcomes, so your business can take action today.

Make the most out of your data to power your people.

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MHR can provide a variety of training and support to ensure your organisation is getting the most out of your data, including our health check service. Make the most of your software!

If you don’t have a data expert with your organisation, use ours! Our consultants are on hand to help you work through your maze of people data.

Why MHR?

MHR are people experts with over 30 years of experience in HR and Payroll software. Continually innovating, we keep working hard to remove the hassle of manual admin so your people can concentrate on what really matters. Understanding the big picture, as well as the tiny details, of your organisation will help you to get the most out of your people.   

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