Visualising with Insight Builder

Simplify Data With Visualisation

Understanding data can be a challenge, but as a business it’s important to collect data and utilise it to its fullest; particularly when you intend to make informed decisions regarding your people. Most businesses find that a good starting point is to opt for a dashboards to visualise the data they have, MHR’s Insight Builder takes that to the next level.

Insight Builder transforms data into a range of visualisation options, which provides at-a-glance view of the data you need for one to one reviews, board meetings and planning.

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Unlimited Perspectives 

Through a secure single view of all your people activity you can gain unlimited data visualisation with the flexibility of using multiple tabs, meaning you can categorise your data learnings by various groups each in their own respective tabs. Separate your findings for the causes of absence, the benefits your workforce value most and more. 

At the same time you can create these tabs to be public, which means that as a HR department you can share your findings and set dashboards for your colleagues to work from. 

Nonetheless if you'd like your tabs to stay private or simply don't want to clutter your colleagues dashboard with your own work that’s not a problem either with the ability to set tabs to private; giving you total control of your data insights.

Adapt, Anywhere at Anytime

Obtain your information whenever you want and wherever you are with Insight Builder's mobile abilities.

The information you can present is fully configurable. All you need is your data sets, which are highly configurable themselves and the Insight Builder creates visualisations to offer deeper and easy to comprehend insights.

Each visualisation can then be reordered at any time with a simple drag and drop, allowing for easy prioritisation of the information most valuable to your next decision. 

Seamless Navigation

After you've got your visuals you can discover the fine details of your people data drilling down to begin your advanced analysis.

Followed by seamlessly navigating to your summary pages letting you know the exact information to focus on to make your decisions as informed as possible, maximising your operational efficiency. 

How does insight builder work?

Watch our highlight video below - see for yourself how easy it is to gain insight from your data!


How does insight builder work?

Watch our highlight video - see for yourself how easy it is to gain insight from your data!

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With insight Builder you can automatically create visual displays of your data using iTrent smart groups, providing easy to digest analysis in one helpful dashboard easing your day to day activities, providing time for more analysis of your data.

For more information and to see the potential for your business, please book a demo with our team. 

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