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Understand your people with a click of a button

Making sense of your data can sometimes seem like a never ending battle. Perhaps your engagement levels are dropping, or maybe you’ve noticed an increase in absences. Pressure is building to explain the reasons behind these issues and the further impact they have on your organisation. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just click a button and have all the evidence in front of you?

Reporting Analytics from MHR makes understanding your data a breeze. With a full organisational view and clear picture of your people, you’ll have the power to: avoid talent gaps, analyse your gender pay gap, monitor absence rates, examine salary breakdowns - all while increasing your cost savings. Whether it’s a one off query, detailed analysis to include in a proposal, or sophisticated management reporting, you can do it all!



Put away the spreadsheets and automate your processes – save time and get the most out of your people data with MHR’s reporting solutions.

When it comes to analysing your organisation’s data there’s no one size fits all solution to strategic business insights. With so much to consider, it can be difficult to work out what to focus on, and what ideas may get the best results.

MHR provides two different options: fast-track reporting and custom reporting. Depending on your requirements you can use a mixture of both!

Save time and money – our solutions can be implemented in a day, leaving you ready to get insights and action company objectives straight away. Our report packs incorporate HMRC calculations including pay protection, pension contributions and redundancy modelling, to keep you compliant – you can demonstrate this in just a few clicks.

Fast Track Your Success

With MHR’s fast-track reporting, you can get a head-start into your data insights as the hard work is done for you. Analyse and action data-driven strategies like a pro without the need for an in-house business intelligence specialist.  

For your Fast Track to reporting choose all or a selection from the packs below:


Report and analyse basic information easily, such as salaries, employee numbers and turnover rates. 

Perform structural breakdowns, forecast costs and assess the impact of any changes to your workforce. You can also perform month-on-month or year-on-year trending analysis.  


How much does absence cost your business?

Calculate how many days are lost and by which business area, analyse the reasons why and spot trends by month and by year.   


Get a complete overview of transactions and pay periods.

Perform detailed analysis on pensions and salaries to uncover trends and variances. Report on actual averages rather than FTE equivalents.  


Scared of losing your top talent? Not sure how to fill your skills gaps?

Improve your talent attraction and understand your workforce. Identify people ready to progress and let your organisation progress with them.

Gender Pay Gap

Calculating your statistics is the first step, but it often fails to go far enough to provide proper insight into your people, their pay distribution and what may need to change.

Show the full picture of your organisation’s efforts to reduce your gender pay gap.


Look at simplified analysis of your audit data in one step.

You can see when amendments have been made, what the values were before and after, and who made the changes – providing accountability and better accuracy across your organisation.


Bespoke Reporting

Bespoke reporting gives you the freedom to analyse the areas you want to focus on, and visualise the individual factors important to your organisation.

Taking our fast track reporting up a level, Bespoke reporting offers the next step in your data journey. Using an in-house specialist, or working with our consultancy experts, you can shape your data for unique insights into your organisation.


No organisation is the same, so don’t treat your data like it

MHR offers bespoke reporting with three key benefits:

  • Web Intelligence – providing the ability to perform ad hoc queries, powerful analysis and sophisticated managed reporting within one product.
  • Live Office – gives you access to up-to-date information stored in the platform to help you easily share insights across your organisation.
  • Mobile – a mobile app that lets you provide your team with secure access to critical information on any device, wherever they are.

MHR’s bespoke reporting provides a flexible, scalable intelligence platform that can increase your ROI and improve your data quality management. Like our fast track reporting, you can visualise your data for easy understanding at all levels of your business.


See both Fast Track and Bespoke in-action...

No matter what industry your in, the size of your organisation or objectives, reporting tools are vital in bringing your people data together to help you answer questions you may have not even thought need asking. Find every tiny but essential piece of information from your data and make the right decisions.

To see how the reporting solutions work for you, and discuss what insight you would like to gain, book a demo with us:

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Analytics Cloud

The all in one solution to provide visualisation, reporting, forecasting - the future of decision making. 

Use a superior hybrid system to perform all your data needs.  Utilise, intelligent automated learning, the story experience, the digital boardroom and import your data or connect live. Be ready wherever you are in any situation to take informed and appropriate action based understanding your previous actions, planning for your next steps and predicting the outcomes of your plans. 

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