iTrent Recruitment and Onboarding Software

For the long-term growth and stability of your business, you need to know you have the right people to rely on so each department runs smoothly. But finding the right people can be hard, and keeping them is a lot harder.

Don’t leave your team to chance, get software that works. Attract and keep the best talent with our iTrent recruitment and onboarding software that will help you to locate and recruit the best employees to develop a future-proof talent strategy.

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Why invest in recruitment software?

Businesses pay huge sums for agencies to manage recruitment, but this can change (with a little help from us).

We can help you create an attractive candidate recruitment and onboarding process which gets the best talent into your business quickly - cutting out the middle man.  

  • Process multiple vacancies at once with the Organisation Explorer showing any highlighted vacancies.
  • The Graphical Lifestyle Designer helps you to shortlist the right candidate based on a traffic light system, selecting Progress, On-hold or Reject to set the position of each application.
  • Use Match and Gap analysis to compare candidate skillsets, linking applicant details to several vacancies if required.

What can you expect from iTrent Recruitment?

iTrent provides you with an end to end recruitment process, covering initial attraction, interview to offer and onboarding. With iTrent recruitment you can: 

Share Your Progress: Collaborate with colleagues across departments on interview feedback.

Use The Portal: Open a job requisition in a single action and publish on a career search portal.

Recruitment Metrics: See a dashboard of all requisitions, applications, interviews and recruitment time frames. 

Anonymised Shortlisting: Remove all potential unconscious bias from your recruitment process, focusing on skills and experience only.

Get Them Onboard: Transfer applicant records through to employee status quickly and seamlessly.

Follow The Lifecycle: View single requisitions, complete with details of applicants and which stage in the recruitment lifecycle they are at.

Bulk Email: Save time by sending information to a huge group of applicants all in one go.

Onboarding? Check: Set up a dedicated onboarding portal for new employees, including an onboarding checklist and an area to enter personal details in advance.

Today's best talent expect a 24/7 service

iTrent's recruitment chatbot allows you to have an open all hours careers portal, answering questions and helping candidates through the recruitment and onboarding process at a time that suits them.

The chatbot speeds up the whole recruitment process both for candidates and recruitment teams - ensuring you don't loose great talent and stops recruitment from becoming a time burden for managers.

Candidates and new starters can:

  • Ask questions around company culture, flexible working as well as the interview and onboarding process
  • Search and apply for a job using the Chatbot
  • Accept offers and completing a new starter checklist

Managers and recruitment teams will:

  • Receive updates on any new applications
  • Be informed of requisitions that are ending and applications closing
  • Be informed of any upcoming interviews

880 Hours Saved Per Year

"iTrent's Web Recruitment functionality removed lengthy paper application processes, allowing applicants to search and apply for jobs online both internally and externally. This improved applicant experience, saving around 880 hours per year."

- Plymouth University

Savings Exceeded

"We have seen a reduction in processing costs and are on target to exceed identified potential savings. Central recruitment has already released one Full Time Equivalent and reduced other admin tasks"

- Powys County Council

Let's talk about onboarding

Recruitment is more than just attraction – it’s about giving people a great experience all the way through the hiring process.

This means you will be able to keep potential employees engaged from attraction to their first day, by sending relevant information through a recruitment portal, making their onboarding process the best they’ve ever experienced.

Download our practical guide on how to get your onboarding strategy right:

Practical Onboarding Guide

Don’t just make a job offer, give them a great onboarding experience.

As soon as an offer is made, your new employee can log on to your own branded portal, which will contain the offer itself, prompting them to accept or reject it.

From this point, they can be sent news items about the business, welcome videos, surveys or just about anything you want. You can also guide them through a list of tasks to complete, like adding personal details or watching training videos - meaning this can all be done ahead of time and they can hit the ground running from day one.

This keeps new starters engaged and interested in the company in the build-up to their first day and gets all the boring admin out of the way!

Great onboarding is the key to retention…and saving money

Research has shown 69% of employees are more likely to stay with a company for three years if their employer gave them a great onboarding experience.

Employees who leave are expensive to replace. The average cost of replacing an employee can be between 50-60% of an employee’s salary. So avoid excessive costs by ensuring your employees are made to feel like part of the team and they’ll stick around.

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