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Making the most of your existing talent has never been more important. Organisations that offer clear pathways for their staff will gain a competitive advantage over those that fail to plan ahead. Effective succession planning gives you the foresight and flexibility to plan for a brighter future, while engaging and motivating your workforce.

iTrent's succession planning solution helps you to retain top talent for the long term. With graphical views of every role in your organisation, you can define and add role profiles to the system, complete with the qualifications, skills and training plans. You can then plot an employee's potential next role using iTrent's career planning tools, compete with short and long-term goals.


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Create tomorrow's leaders

Identify development needs of your employees at an early stage, helping you plan and budget for the future. Match & Gap analysis plots your current workforce against your resource requirements, matching employee profiles with potential roles.  

Create development plans for specific roles or individuals. These plans are fully integrated with the rest of the employee's profile and update automatically as goals are reached. This gives you a clear and measurable record of the employee's progress, with automatic alerts warning employees and managers when goals are not met.


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Information of your organisations' skills at your finger tips...

  • Meet future requirements by developing your in-house talent pool
  • Engage and motivate your employees with clear development pathways
  • Monitor employee progress against defined goals
  • Gain an overview of your skills base, outlining areas with a skills shortage
  • Always have the right people in the right places


Performance Management in the 21st Century

Are you paying £2700* per employee each year to disengage them from your organisation?

Many organisations like Accenture and Adobe are realising that the annual performance appraisal process no longer fits their business model and is having a negative impact on employee engagement.

In the first of a series of articles, MHR’s Julie Lock looks at why we need to ditch annual appraisals, why they don’t work anymore, what damage they cause and offers advice and guidance on how to successfully manage performance.

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