Absence Management

Be sure your business is ready to handle any employee absence challenges

Absence is often unavoidable, understanding causes and being prepared is vital when managing your workforce.

iTrent allows you to record absences while providing a complete overview of absentees, time spent off work and reasons why. By monitoring these elements, absence can be controlled and predicted, allowing your workforce the best chance to be prepared for unexpected events.


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Stay Streamlined

iTrent’s Absence Management automates all processes associated with absence, ensuring roster information is linked with your payroll and accurate pay and attendance data is recorded every time.

The advantage of an integrated system ensures all types of pay is calculated and processed correctly, avoiding any manual errors.

All of this is alongside an absence calendar that provides a full analysis and management of your employees in one single view.

Absence isn't great so make use of Brad...

iTrent can calculate employee absence pay according to a company's statutory sick or holiday pay regulations. Alongside this, you can choose to utilise the Bradford Factor formula in which the key principle is to measure and inform managers of reoccurring employee absenteeism. Whilst some absence is easily identifiable, a high volume of irregular short absences are harder to recognise and can often be more disruptive to businesses.

Using our Absence Management solution, ensure you receive automated notifications when an employee reaches a predetermined and potentially concerning attendance score. The calculations and high trend reports ensure you are always aware of consistent absenteeism, even away from the office.

Knowledge at Your Fingertips

By providing powerful performance indicators, our analytical knowledge can help to identify and prevent common causes of absence in your workplace. Analytics can ensure that your rosters are supported in case of last minute absentees and a shift is never left under staffed. By providing managers with a dashboard view, this absence knowledge is now in your hands entirely.

The people in a company cost 80% of all expenditure therefore accurate planning of pay is critical. Built with the sole purpose of making planning easy, our workforce planning can provide data research to prepare you for expected ill seasons and frequented absence causes. 

Alternative features such as an alert functionality that identifies key absence trends and an automated system to generate necessary absence letters ensure that handling workforce absences has never been easier.

If you want to analyse absence further, have a look at our range of people analytics options. 

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Sickness Absence: A Problem not to be sniffed at

Regardless of the truth around national sickie day, sickness absence remains a major issue for organisations.

Here’s what you can do to manage it more effectively.

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Using iTrent's Absence Management solution, you can monitor the time your employees spend off work whilst automating the processes associated with absence and predicting absence patterns to identify and reduce common causes.

For more information and to see the potential for your business, please book a demo with our team. 

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