Simplify Your Rostering Process

iTrent streamlines the rostering process, helping managers to quickly plan and produce rosters, whilst managing staff resources and ensuring all employees are paid accurately through our seamlessly integrated payroll system.

iTrent Rostering calculates all your employee information for you, such as people’s work patterns, their skills and availability schedule.

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Schedule Your Success

Allow iTrent's scheduling software to utilise information such as skills, work patterns, contractual hours, availability and existing roster bookings to produce a perfect roster.

Link your tasks to specific skills and qualifications to ensure you have the most efficient employee doing the most appropriate task by using iTrent's match and gap capabilities.

Meanwhile, existing rosters are identified so the risk of double booking is eradicated whilst still allowing an allocation of staff to multiple rosters.

Nice and Easy Does It 

Create more time for your other managerial obligations by integrating your payroll and absence management systems with your rostering, ensuring all the systems are up to date with the correct information in real time.

iTrent rostering can remove any administrative headaches by showing you the viability of changes straight away and the impact and validity of any changes prior to being accepted. In addition, changes can be identified and handled automatically including new starters and accrued overtime. 

Predict Your Future

With our intelligent rostering system, iTrent will do the calculations for you from identifying ideal candidates to helping you accurately predict the cost of staffing individual shifts.

Using flexible cost calculations, try out different scenarios to make sure you’re getting the most for the least amount of cost. Calculate your pay options such as whether to use a basic pay rate or a special rate for a certain task, whilst regulating the statutory sick pay for employees.

The Mobile Workforce and How to Make it Work

According to research, flexible workers are 13.5% more productive than their office-based counterparts.

In an ever changing working environment, is remote working the way forward?

MHR's Emma Bullen discusses the inevitability of the mobile workforce

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With our scheduling software, you can automatically create efficient rosters by proactively identifying skill gaps and allocating the most suitable employees to their strongest job roles.

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