Time and Attendance

Gain a broad overview of your workforce and increase your employee productivity in real time

Using one solution, you can control, maintain and monitor your employees whilst capturing essential information.

Maintaining a productive and engaged workforce is vital. iTrent includes functionality to support flexible working which is great for boosting morale and retaining key talent.

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It's Time to Talk Attendance

By allowing your employees to electronically record their working time, our streamlined system can automate the conversion of hours worked straight into your system. So, the removal of human administrative paperwork means your employees have new found time for more productive work.

Feel in control with attendance tracker software that allows you to record employee time using clock in and out features, graphically see real time balances and maintain a watchful eye on your entire workforce. Be sure to eradicate time abuse by using our real time trigger alerts that draw your awareness to any time related issues.

Obtain a significant amount of cost savings using software that will help to prevent inaccurate time reporting. This new improved accuracy combined with the automated processes reduces any security risks by removing the loopholes associated with traditional methods of clocking in. With all of your data centralised in one place and the removal of 'buddy punching' security risks, your time and attendance will be at optimal consistency and accuracy.

Life isn't fixed, so get flexible

Establish yourself as a modern workforce with our simple and highly configurable workforce solutions. Manage flexible working with ease so employees can work from a variety of locations not just the office.

Streamline your absence management process including the introduction of flexi time and time off in lieu (TOIL) to compliment existing holiday allowances.

iTrent automatically connects payroll process and is easily available via the iTrent self service portal anytime and anyplace.

Explore Your Holiday Options

Time off in Lieu (TOIL) allows employers to grant time off instead of overtime payment for extra hours worked. Employees are able to claim and accrue TOIL through the self service portal, view their available real time balance or even view their history. Flexibility allows you to create TOIL schemes to suit any complex company rules, such as adapting the time to be hours or minutes, or automatically pay TOIL if a specific scenario arises and this is required.

Ensure your employees feel appreciated by allowing them to adapt their working hours to suit their everyday individual needs. With the control to define the core working hours. You can encourage your employees to adapt to flexi time accordingly whilst customising the service to your particular authorisation rules. Introducing flexi time as a zero cost benefit is guaranteed to boost morale and drastically improve employee engagement. 

Isn’t It Time To Embrace The Future of Workforce Management?

Some companies are still using clock-in card style systems to ensure employees are at work on time - has nobody asked the question ‘is there a better way to do this?’

Times are changing, and so is workforce management. MHR's Stuart Price shares his voice on why we should all be embracing the future of workforce management

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Using iTrent's Time and Attendance solution, you can capture working time information across the workforce whilst removing administrative paperwork, automating the processes and controlling costs.

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